Started Whole30 August 25,2018

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Hello, I am new to Whole30. My husband and I have started August 25 evening. He has type 2 diabetes and I have recently been having abdominal pain (going to get it checked).  

I have been reading up on Whole30 and feel committed to it. As I love my breads and my husband loves desserts, this will be a challenge to keep away from it. But Melissa Hartwig says in her book ‘the Whole30’ that if you skip even one tiny bit you have to start your reset from day 1, I think that thought will keep us going.

Our daughter has done a Whole90 and absolutely loves it, it has taken her into the direction of meal prep, eating healthy, being aware of what she eats and I would say has been our influence in starting this.

I have started reading Melissa Hartwig ‘s ‘the Whole30 ‘ book and find it tremendously motivating.

Good luck to everyone who is new on this program, let’s take it one meal at a time and commit to making it work for the 30 days. Cheers to eating Whole Healthy Food.

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5 minutes ago, janetGS said:

I started the 25th too!  How are you guys doing?  I have been feeling great until today.  I feel like my blood sugar is off today- light headed and a little shaky.  Are you guys experiencing that?


Hi, Janet. I'm sorry you're not feeling great. Things that might cause what you're experiencing could be not eating enough (you can download the meal template here:,  not drinking enough water (aim for 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight, so a 120-lb person would want at least 60 oz), or not salting your food enough that it tastes good. If you have a history of blood sugar issues, especially if you take medication for it, you would want to check in with your doctor. You'd also want to check with them if this lasts more than a couple of days or if it's very severe. 

If you'd like more specific feedback on your meals or anything, please start a new discussion in the Troubleshooting part of the forum:

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I started on August 19.  I'm just finishing day 12 and am doing okay.  I have had a few days in which I feel weak and shaky.  I try to just keep doing what I need to do and if I need to sit down for a few minutes I will do that.  I have also increased my water drinking and this has helped.  I am looking forward to moving past this feeling and onto feeling better and better every day!!  

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