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Can you please help me understand "technically compliant but off limits foods"?


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I am so excited to be starting my first Whole30 on 9/10. I'm reading Whole30 and Food Freedom Forever, but I keep getting stuck trying to understand these technically compliant but off limits foods (with pancake alternatives seemingly being the most popular example).  I am looking forward to The Whole30 and subsequent reintroduction, because I'm hoping to learn about what foods are causing negative symptoms for my body, such as inflammation, trouble sleeping, and digestive issues.  With this in mind, I have 2 questions:

  1. To meet my goals, is it possible to do Whole30 with a focus on technical compliance, or would this mean that I'm "designing my own reset" as described in Food a Freedom Forever?
  2. If technical compliance is not enough, can you help me understand where / how to draw the line on what technically compliant foods are ok? For example, why is it ok to use coconut amino "soy sauce" or make our own ketchup, but NOT ok to make these famous fake pancakes?

Thanks in advance for your help! I really value the expertise in these forums!

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Before anyone goes into a detailed explaination, have you read any of the articles about 'SWYPO' (Sex With your Pants on).  If you google 'Whole30 SWYPO' you should get some good articles and discussion about this... if you still have specific questions, then we can definitely go into detail with you but first, read the resources that are available and then let us know how you interpret it

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Thank you! This has been really helpful to me! Some of my takeaways are: 

(1) We shouldn’t be trying to replicate unhealthy items, because that’s not the spirit of Whole30 AND it just might make us crave the real thing!

(2) Many of these technically compliant items are still not incredibly healthy, and we can and should be opting for healthier whole food choices wherever we can. 

(3) While some technically compliant items are just against the rules (like banana and egg “pancakes”), many other technically compliant items are subjective and require specific context. So while eating a bar for a sugar fix is not in the spirit of Whole30, eating a bar as a good option on a delayed plane could be in the spirit of Whole30. 

Again, really appreciate the support and I’m excited to keep learning before launching 9/10!

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