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day 3 and I want to claw my eyeballs out


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I am new here.  My first Whole30.  I am on day 3 and I am just hanging on.  I wanted to kill all the things starting at about 3pm on day 1.  I have had a constant, bad headache since day 1 and my entire body feels like I was run over by a truck (also since day 1); so much pain!!  I am so fatigued it hurts to breathe.  I will say that prior to my start date, my sugar addiction and concurrent consumption was off the charts.  And the cravings were so intense that if I let 1 molecule pass my lips, there was no stopping at that 1 molecule.  I would finish off the entire box of 12 donuts and then search for the other dozen.  My sugar intake was so out of control that my coworkers would hide the baked goods that other employees or clients brought in for the staff because they knew if I found it, it would be gone within minutes.  How embarrassing is that??  It got to the point that any sugar I ate would cause me to immediately lose consciousness!  I know that sounds extreme but I would literally one minute be eating my donut and the next I was coming to with coworkers staring at me, and sometimes for a split second, I didn't even know where I was. 

The physical and psychological detox is at times unbearable and I have determined I cannot set foot in a traditional grocery store.  During my most recent trip, I broke out into a sweat looking at all the sugary stuff on the shelves, and I nearly broke entirely and went home with a candy bar.  I have been doing the FODMAPS diet part of the Whole30 because of my crazy sugar addiction, so I have been eating NONE.  At the store tonight, I did buy a thingy of blackberries (small) and one of blueberries.  It was either that or the entire dessert section in the freezer aisle.  Of course, I ate the whole carton of blackberries within 20 minutes of arriving home.  Big surprise.

I am going nuts and getting ready to call it quits; hoping someone can give me some encouragement/advice/suggestions/tellmeitsoktoeatdonutseverydaysoicanthrowinthetowel.

Thank you in advance!

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The first thing I'd recommend is to be sure you're eating enough. Follow the meal template, have lots of vegetables, add fat to each meal in addition to what you cook in, and if have one or two palm-sized servings of protein. You can download the meal template here:   https://whole30.com/pdf-downloads/

When you know you are not hungry, it is easier to not snack and easier to resist cravings.

If you choose to have fruit -- which is fine, there's nothing wrong with fruit -- be sure you have it with a meal, not on its own. If you need to eat between meals, have some combo of protein, fat, and vegetables, or at least two of the three. 

Drink lots of water. Aim for 1/2 oz per pound of body weight, so a 120 lb person needs at least 60 oz.

Salt your food enough that it tastes good.

You don't have to do the FODMAPS thing, in fact, we normally tell people if whole30 is a big change from how you'd normally eat, it can be better to just do a straight whole30 without other restrictions, unless you know for sure that you have issues with FODMAPS. Most issues with them show up as gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, or other issues like that, not as an occasional thing but a consistent problem.

You can do this. Find a group here on the forum that started recently and join in their discussion. It's a good way to have a little accountability and also to encourage and support each other.

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You can totally do this! It's just for 30 days ;)

I know, on Day 1 that sounds easier than it could be. 

In the beginning (I'm finishing up my first round this week), I would take a walk to distract me from cravings I was having at work. Keep myself busy, you know?

At the grocery store, I only shop in the fruits/veggies section and the meats, I don't even try to go down an aisle!

Eat bigger meals, make sure you have enough fat (I struggle with that). 

I used to have fruit with most of my meals during the first week or 2 but realized that it was just a crutch for my sugar cravings. So I stopped for a couple days, to re-teach myself how to not rely on it all the time. Now I have it occasionally, but never on it's own and more than once a day.

You could eat all the doughnuts.... but is that what you really want? Do you really want to eat all the doughnuts? Do you want to lose consciousness and not be in control of what you are eating? I don't think you want that.

If you do, go eat the doughnuts. 

But you started this for a reason. Did you write those reasons down? That may be helpful!

Write down all the reasons WHY you chose to do Whole 30. Keep the list handy and reference it often! Before you go shopping, while you're in the store, in the car... whenever. 

You can totally do this. It's not easy. But your health and well being is totally worth it!

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Thank you for your responses - they are helpful!!  Thank goodness today was a better day.  MUCH BETTER!  wow I am grateful; yesterday was kinda scary...anyway, I know there are more rocky days to come, I just wasn't prepared for that whopper so soon into it.  I am pretty sure I have issues with FODMAPS, I have those symptoms you referred to and more (YAY!!) on a regular (no pun intended) basis.  Last night in an act of desperation I ate a pint of blueberries and a whole carton (one of those small ones) of blackberries.  They are both included on the FODMAPS -approved list, but I'm sure not in those quantities in one sitting.  Today I felt the effects = bloating, swelling in my feet and ankles and body pains, headache, etc.  Believe it or not, these symptoms had subsided significantly in just 2 days on the Whole30 without eating FODMAPS as well.  Now I have decided to go back to the FODMAPS plan, but I have been eating sweet potatoes like crazy.  Like 2-3 per day.  I know this is not ok either.  I understand the concept of changing my relationship with food, but I have to say this is not going to happen overnight.  I am still in 'sugar-addiction mode'!  Thank you for the suggestion of writing the reasons I started this program; this is very helpful too!!


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