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Help! Clothes too big


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Hello All,

I am in need of serious advice, right away. I’m half way into my whole30 and I feel great. I love the increased energy and lack of feeling bloated. Cravings are under control. All good, right?


WRONG. MY CLOTHES ARE TOO DANG BIG. I’m seriously freaking out. I’m exceptionally vain and conceited and my clothes are EVERYTHING to me. I have thousands of dollars invested in my wardrobe and I’ve built it to perfection over the years. I used to get compliments everywhere about my clothes and my style. Now everything just hangs off of me and I don’t have thousands of dollars to replace my wardrobe. How have others managed this situation? I am tempted to give up if the outcome is having to spend tons of money that I don’t have on new clothes or alterations. I am down to maybe 5 items of clothing that fit. I’m devastated and it’s ruining my W30 experience  


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