Labor Day Weekend- Help!


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Hey everyone! This 4-day weekend I'm going to visit family who live relatively close to each other. The drive is 7 hrs, and then I'm staying with one family for two days, then driving another hour to visit the other set for a day, and then the next day I'm driving home 8ish hours. My question is- how do I Whole30 this? The constant travel is tough and my family doesn't really cook Whole30 compliant. 

If my family doesn't have healthy food, is it rude to bring my own food for meals? Should I meal plan for the weekend? (That seems rude to me). If I do mini-grocery runs for just a day's worth of food, what would be a good choice to pick that wouldn't be monotonous? What should I bring? (I already know I'm bringing hot sauce for eggs). What's a fun restaurant that I could eat at? I know there's the handy guide for travel but I'm gonna have a super long day to drive so I might need more food than they snacks they recommend.


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I would call and talk to them first. You could say something like, "I'm doing an elimination diet to find out how different foods affect (insert something relevant here -- pain, sleep, digestive issues, skin issues, or whatever you're comfortable sharing). I don't want to be too much trouble, so I would be happy to bring my own food or help with the cooking. What will work best for you?" 

Definitely take some things like cans of tuna or salmon, the hot sauce you mentioned, olives, or those individual Wholly Guacamole packs, things that will keep well in a cooler. At the store, you can definitely find vegetables, hard boiled eggs, maybe some lunch meat, though that is hard to find, Applegate or Aidell's sausages or hot dogs. It may depend on what kind of stores are available, if they're in very small towns, the stores may not have as many premade things, but vegetables and meat are available everywhere. 

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