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W30 Complete, Reintro Commences

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I ended my whole 30 on July 23, 2018 and I've written out my goal dates I want to try to introduce the alcohol, legumes, dairy, non-gluten grain, and gluten grains. I'm doing two days on two days off in the order I've stated for the reintroduction which basically puts be ending my reintroduction on Sept 10, 2018 which is good because I'll be traveling for work on Sept 9th and living out of a hotel room is not very conducive to eating healthy.

So I have some questions in regards to my whole 30 and reintroduction. While I did notice some whole 30 results: no arthritis in my left knee, thicker hair, sturdy nails, clearer skin, I'm able to sleep deeper and I wake mostly feeling rested which I felt I had lost in the last 5 yrs or so. Going #2 is easier though still not what I'd characterize as the best. And oddly enough I've been having dreams, I can hardly remember the last time I woke from the dream and remembered it...and these dreams are like Alice in Wonderland weird let me tell you.

As for the reintroduction I've reintroduced alcohol and I just finished legume days. Alcohol makes me feel sluggish which I kinda already knew. And my conclusion with legumes I feel is unclear. My monthly deep tissue acne reappeared, I feel more compacted, and the brand of PB I was eating was kind of like eating cement and not really sleeping through the night with either reintroduction. I'm questioning the legume results because I have my period (extra long which usually happens to me when I change my diet) and I usually get that deep tissue acne before my period arrives not after so I'm not sure if its the legumes or the period bringing back that issue.

Some of the results I didn't see is kind of what I'm questioning if I need to change something to make it better and do another whole 30 after the holidays to retest/verify that my conclusions are correct or if my reintroduction or whole 30 needs to be expanded to achieve these results, or am I asking for the stars...I just am looking for advice.

Results I didn't see: I still have slight back pain that didn't go away, I had bad gas before the whole 30 (like rotten eggs all the time, which I only started experiencing in my mid-late 20s) and that's still around I had pretty much constant gas throughout my whole30 the only difference is that bad rotten smell is gone or reduced and finally I have had bad sinus trouble my entire life, in the last 5 yrs its so bad that the swelling cuts off my hearing in my left ear. I've been to doctors and specialist galore and no one has answers for me. I take daily nasal spray, clariton, and when I feel an infection coming on I start taking Benadryl.

While it may be still too soon to see improvement with the back pain I was really hoping the gas and the sinus problems would disappear.

Any advice in regards to these symptoms...do I need to change my whole 30 and/or add to my reintroduction to get rid of the gas you think? And is there anything I could incorporate that would give me better results in regards to the sinus issues?

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