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Thoughts on Lectin - worth considering?


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I know this topic was covered on the section on Legumes - basically, don't eat peanuts because you can't stop the Lectin from harming your bowels, and if you have to eat beans, they must be cooked (like instant-pot), not slow-cooked. 

My wife's dad sent us an article about the horrors of Lectin. I did a little research and found info to suggest it's mostly click-bait, hogwash, but now I'm seeing it come up again when I read Whole30 because there's some overlap between the two sources. My main question: is there credence to these claims about Lectin? https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/319593.php

I am also biased not to believe their claims, particularly those of the plants in the nightshade family and especially now since Whole30 is already restrictive. Problem I have is since we are no longer eating grains, the emphasis is on potatoes, a member of the nightshade family. Does this mean we really shouldn't be eating any kind of peppers, potatoes, squash, etc.? that doesn't leave much else to eat tbh.

I am on Day 19 right now, feeling good, not craving beans or anything but I've always been under the impression beans were healthy for you, so I am considering working those back into my diet later. As far as the banned foods go, beans are probably one of the healthier options to include in my diet (it would also give me something else to put on my burrito bowl at Chipotle). Also, there seems to be a lot of reputable sources in this TED talk that promote bean-eating behavior as a direct causation to living longer in many cultures: 


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