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Beginning my first Whole30 Sept 1st!

Jodi P

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I’m suddenly an almost 56-year-old empty nester (birthday is this month, but I don’t care!) and can now finally start taking care of myself on a day-to-basis rather than my kids.  I’m 165 lbs, pre-diabetic, with high cholesterol and high blood sugar.  I’ve started working out again, and that feels good, and I’ve always been a healthy eater - only whole grains, lots of veggies and beans, etc. But I’m also a cook and baker.  I’m the one who brings homemade pies to the picnic, and homemade cookies to kids’ parties, and to-die-for cheesecakes, breads, etc. So I’m living with the sugar dragon.  I’ve already cut back a lot, so feel like slaying the darn thing is within my reach.  I suspect this will be where I may need support for the next 30 days.  I’m looking forward to this program, and getting to know other Whole30er’s.  


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