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Self-Started Thursday 8/30, now on day 3


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I started early and on a weird day because I realized that we were remarkably family-function free for the first time in months, and if I am going to have headaches and want to kill all the things, it’d best be this weekend, and not next. (Also, I have a long vocal/guitar gig to perform next Friday, so I need to get through some of the physical worst before that happens.)

Yesterday (day 2) I already wanted to kill everyone, and have had intermittent headaches as well. Totally brain foggy as well. I’m not a huge eater of traditional junk food, already drink my coffee black, and do not drink soda, but bread and crackers and cereal have become too much of a staple for me lately, so my system is definitely SCREAMING!

What is keeping me from giving up right now is that I know I need to do this for my health, and I will be damned if I go through the bad days and then fail to make it to the good ones!

I am writing all my actual meals in a physical journal, but feel like here might be good for logging my thoughts on this whole process.

So, one day at a time!

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