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Hi, I haven't started Whole 30 yet just getting some info together first and a lot of teh focus is on US & Canadian brands which are not available easily in the UK or are very expensive.  I notice that you approve something called Larabars. Having googled what these are and contain they sound similar to something we have in the UK called Nakd bars   - are these an acceptable alternative - they are basically dates, cashews, and various fruits - the peanut ones would obviously be out of bounds but the below berry delight seems to have the same ingredients as cherry pie larabars 







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Yes, this is fine, but keep in mind that these kinds of bars are not something you should be having every day. They're more for emergencies, when you don't have access to any better options -- like, if you were stuck at the airport because a flight was delayed, or unexpectedly had to stay late at the office, or were out hiking and were gone longer than anticipated. They are as close to a candy bar as you can get on Whole30, so especially if you have a sweet tooth, you'd want to avoid them as much as possible.

The convenience foods that are available in the US and other places are nice, but back when Whole30 first started these options didn't exist even in the US. They aren't necessary. Focus on vegetables, meat and eggs, healthy fats like oils, avocados, olives, or coconut, and occasionally have some fruit if you want. If you happen to find some salad dressings or jerky or sausage or something like that that is compliant, great, that can make things a little easier, but they're a nice bonus, not something you must have to do this.

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