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Day 1-2

El Paco

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Hey everyone, this is my first time doing a hardcore Whole 30 and I cannot wait for all the great benefits of this to take effect. Any tips or recommendations would be helpful! Already found myself looking up recipes and cooking things I never even thought of making before.

Day 1- New Years Day

-workout, rowing, weight lifting

-Did some major grocery shopping

-Breakfast brunch: scrambled eggs with mushrooms and nitrate free bacon

-Dinner- chicken apple sausage (made enough for leftovers)

Day 2

-Black coffee (was terrified of this but actually liked it)

-Breakfast: chicken apple sausage

-lunch: Chipotle: salad with carnitas, mild salsa and guacamole and lots of lime

-dinner: sweer potatoes, eggplant and chicken with salad covered with pepper and lime

Tonight I am making spaghetti squash for the first time

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Hey! you seem to be doing great so far! Just one note on your bacon though... Read the label and make sure it doesn't contain sugar. Practically all bacon have sugar hidden, and it's a no-go for your Whole30. Every. Single. Item has to be 100% compliant!

As for tips and recommendations, here's what I found to be useful, or what I learned during my first W30:

  • Learn to say no to non-compliant food. This is hard at first. I wasn't really confident and didn't want to explain why I don't eat dairy or whole grains (or other stuff that most people see as "healthy"). What I found worked really well was saying I'm doing a food-intolerence diagnostic. Find whatever you're confortable saying and practice saying it.
  • Make your own mayo. See this page for recipe and video: http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2010/06/03/the-secret-to-homemade-mayo-patience/ While you're at it, make other condiments/dressings.
  • If you're on Pinterest, unsubscribe from all (or most) non-compliant food boards, and replace them with W30 boards.
  • Always have thawed meat and fresh veggies in your fridge, and some canned fish in your pantry (great for super quick SOS meal)
  • Have some W30 recipes. The book Well Fed is great because all recipes (except one treat) are W30-approved
  • Last, cook for more than one meal. But you seem to be doing that already!!

Keep it up and enjoy the next 29 days!!

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Thanks everyone! I am definitely checking all of my items to make sure they are sugar free. It seems like everything has sugar in it hidden somewhere. I can already tell inflammation is going down. Also, whats everyones take on fruit consumption and Larabars? I read a log a girl made on here and she ate Larabars quite a bit. I used to eat them on Paleo but not sure about eating them on Whole 30

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Day 3 (this is usually the make it or break it day of any strict eating regime and I made it)

-breakfast: scrambled eggs w sugar free bacon, mushrooms and green peppers

-lunch: dinner leftovers: broiled sweet potatoes and eggplant with organic free range chicken breasts and a big organic salad mix with lime and pepper and a jalapeno

Crossfit WOD

-dinner: grass fed ground beef, big bowl of organic salad mix (really stocked up when I went shopping) with avocado slices and all natural salsa and lime and a jalapeno.

I feel great. I have two outings tomorrow night so those will put me to the test but I am planning on making it!

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Day 5

-breakfast was unplanned as I was house sitting and had to run home quickly to get ready for work. But I had leftover sweet potatoes and eggplant for breakfast

-lunch were dinner leftovers, grass fed ground beef with jalapeno and lime and lots of salad and a small avocado

-dinner- had two outings planned at two breweries so I ate a carnitas salad with guacamole and salsa before I went out and it was so worth it. I didnt eat at all at these two breweries and only ordered tons of water and two cups ofblack coffee.

When I got home I had two chicken sausages because I was kinda hungry, saved two more for breakfast on day 5!

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Thanks! That was actually day 4, pheww super relief I didnt mess up at two breweries. So the actual Day 5 goes like this:

Crossfit WOD

-breakfast- two slices of nitrate free bacon with three egs mushrooms and peppers

-lunch-lost track of time and had an Americano

Half a grapefruit

-dinner- salad from salad bar at whole foods with lots of different green veggies mixed in and boiled eggs salmon and chunks of tuna

had some prunes and almonds for dessert and mint tea

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