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Ghee is fine to have. It will say it contains milk or butter, because that's how it starts out, but the process of making ghee removes the problematic parts. (Although occasionally, people who know they are lactose intolerant find they have issues with some ghee, and if you have an actual allergy to anything dairy, it's not worth the risk to try to eat ghee.) 

Is there something about this particular ghee that you're concerned about? If there's some particular ingredient you're unsure of, let us know what that is and we can help you figure that out. If you're wondering about whether they source their dairy from grass fed cows or something like that (which isn't a requirement for Whole30 but is important to many people), you might be better of contacting the company directly -- they probably have an email or a Facebook page or some other social media account where you could ask them.


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Hey ShannonM816, 

Thanks for your reply. There isn't an ingredient I'm concerned about - I just happen to see that BePure was the only Ghee that was Whole30 approved so it got my wondering about where Gopala was getting their milk/cream from and if it was from grass-fed butter, but it seems to be pretty legit! 

Thanks again :) 


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