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Wahoo! I can't wait to start whole30 on Saturday


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I'm a 44 year old, super busy working mum of a gorgeous two year old.  i need to get back to super clean eating to get my body, mind and soul healthy, fit and vibrant.  Four years ago, I changed my life by completing my first whole 30 and from there I started following the Paleo lifestyle.  This type of clean eating really agreed with my body and I noticed amazing changes.  I had loads of energy, my eyes actually sparkled and my skin was so clear and smooth and my IBS condition disappeared.  I also ran four marathons during this time. 

Since having my daughter and starting my own organic baby food business, I've allowed stress and pressure to take over my wonderful healthy clean eating.  Over the last two years, I haven't followed a Paleo lifestyle and I've really started feeling the negative impacts of this.  My goal is to end 2018 fit, healthy and sparkly, basically the best version of myself.  

Can't wait to get started! 

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