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I am a vegetarian (eggs, but no meat/fish) and I've been doing whole 30 for a little over 2 weeks. I haven't been feeling great (tired, bloated, etc.) I saw on the normal forums that people say to cut out nuts, bananas, onions and eggs if you are feeling this way.

I am allergic to avocado and don't eat any meat/fish (been a veggie since I was 8!) and am worried that if I cut out these foods, I won't have enough to eat (especially eggs since they are my only source of protein). Any recommendations? 

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No, you don't need to cut these foods because you're tired. Nuts should be limited to a small, closed handful at a time, ideally not every day -- if you're eating a lot more than that, they may contribute to bloating. We do recommend limiting fruit to not more than a couple of servings a day, with meals, not on Its own -- too much fruit could slow down the process of becoming fat adapted, and the real magic of the program happens at that point, which is when you'll notice your mood and energy are more stable and you'll easily go 4-5 hours between meals.

In general, things that cause people to still be tired after a couple of weeks could be not eating enough in general, not eating enough fat, not drinking enough water, or not salting their food. If you want specific feedback on your meals, please list a day or two of what you're eating, including approximate portion sizes.

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