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Starting September 9th!!!


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Very excited to start on Sunday. My husband (and kids) are not very supportive (even though he's the one who should try it because he has a lot of health issues) but I cook and do the grocery shopping so they will have to buy or cook their own non compliant foods. I am doing it mainly to see if it helps with my energy level, joint pain and bloating. I would love to lose about 5-10 lbs but I'm not worried if I don't.

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I'm back on next month, you know the candy month! Hope you do well!! I'm here if you need encouragement! Hugs, CJ

This will be my 3rd Whole30.

Stats that have improved: 

My "bad" cholesterol went down from 178 in Feb, to 80 in August!

My A1C  went down from 6.7 to 6.6!

My weight went down from 287 to 258 since Feb!

I am no longer on 2 blood pressure pills and my bp is around 116/62!

The Dr's, heart, GP, & Pain, are all impressed and very happy we have made this lifestyle choice.

My next (3rd) Whole30 starts Oct 1. I am doing them Quarterly. Hubby is doing them Bi-Yearly. It is difficult, but we are managing. My kids are on another program, but they are clearly doing well, also!

I hope this is of some encouragement to you! Oh, and my energy level is wild! And I'm sleeping great!


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