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Started Whole30 - Friday, Sept 7th


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Hi Whole30 team and program members,

I'm starting the Whole30 as an effort to have much better health.  My latest visit to doctor and my current health stats mandate a significant life change. 

With that accountability, I started the Whole30 on Friday, 9/7.  I've followed the plan and have enjoyed the foods I've prepared.  I'm concerned with the amount of food prep (have an incredibly demanding career) but I am committed to do this for 30 days.  Positive - I've not had a single non-compliant food item which makes me feel proud. My challenge these first days is the portion of fruit and nuts.  I've eaten too much of both - will now limit them to the meal planning prescribed portions.  With that being the case, I'll reset start date to today, Sunday, Sept 9th.  Based on what I read, the program is much more than just eating compliant food, it's also following the food plan and to develop new eating habits.

Thanks to the moderators and members of the forum for your support and for sharing your stories.  I'm excited about Oct 9, end of program, and Oct 18th, end of re-entry timeframe.  My biggest challenge (other than trying every fad diet and failing which scares me about starting a new program) is that I have a very demanding career that requires lots of travel, external events and dinners, happy hours, etc.  I've read all of the tips in the book and will face my first "test" (other than the daily ones) in the next couple of weeks.  An event that will be loaded with noncompliant foods and temptations.  I'm prepping my game plan now.

I know too much information for first post.  However, it feels cathartic just to share this - thank you. I look forward to reading your posts, learning, and resetting my health trajectory for my 50s, 60s, and beyond. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful Whole30-day,




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