Coconut products-bloating


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I find that coconut oil and butter really helps with satiety but I experience bloating as a result. I suspect I have candida and probably experience die off symptoms with coconut.

I do not tolerate starchy carbs/fruit so I try to stay on the higher fat spectrum. It’s just that compared to the other fat sources, coconut really helps me with satiety.

Anybody else experience unpleasant side effects of coconut? I wonder if I stay with the program and take a probiotic, that things will sort itself out with time?


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I also have issues with coconut products, something I figured out a few months ago while doing a FODMAP challenge. At least for myself, I find that once a week is okay, but anything more than that isn't. There are lots of yummy recipes out there that use coconut milk, which I either swap out for something else, or pick a different recipe all together. Hope this helps!

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