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Super stoked about this Whole30!!

Heather Robertson

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This is my second Whole30, the last one being in September. I was AMAZED at how wonderful I felt. I have been making mostly good choices since and I allowed myself to indulge a bit over the holidays (I completely derailed for a few days with all the cookies that were around, that is my weakness during Christmas). I had planned on doing a Whole30 in January and was talking about it to my husband and then to my sister and mom. My excitement about it has made them all decide to go for it too!!

My husband is ready to make some changes anyway. He is tired all the time and battles lack of focus and clarity. Those were the two main things I noticed improvment in when I did it last time. He already enjoys the meals I cook for us, but the challenge will be lunches (since he's on the road all day and can't heat anything) and his fairly recent coke zero phase. He is committed and hopefully will see some results to keep him making good choices.

My mom and dad are joining in as well along with my sister (who still lives with them). I am soo excited for them! They are generally healthy eaters (like true healthy, not non-fat yogurt, low-fat muffin types) so I hope it won't be too challenging. They are starting next week. I bought them ISWF and Mom is getting obsessed. :) I will probably keep bothering them with links to the whole9 blog and tips on meals and stuff. Hopefully it will spur them on!!

With all that being said I am super stoked about this Whole30! My main goal is to not stress over meal planning. I must confess to a mayo meltdown last night. I did recover and salvaged it and we will be eating Tuna Salad with veggies for lunch. Now to keep my head on straight and carry on!

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Its the start of day three and I feel really good. I am starting to get a little bit of a headache but I'm taking that as a good sign that my body is getting rid of some junk. (probably all that chocolate I ate before starting) I slept really well last night too. I'm hoping that will keep improving as the month goes on.

My hubby on the other hand is feeling awful. I keep encouraging him to push forward. I warned him thoroughly beforehand that he will feel like crap for about a week. He is still committed although will have a real challenge as he is out of town today and tomorrow for work. I printed him out a guide line list of how to choose what to eat at restaurants. He feels confident that all will be well and I'm not going to sweat it or stress him out about it.

Food wise we are doing great. The meals are tasty. Sticking to lots of veggies and high quality protein when possible. My favorite cookbooks are Well Fed and Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook. Every dish we've tried so far has been amazing!!! Yay for real food!!

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Day 3-7 are the toughest in my opinion. Once you're through, you'll start to feel better and the cravigns, headaches, dizzyness will get weaker. In the meantime, you can up your intake of starchy veggies, like sweet potato and winter squashes. It usually help with the energy levels.

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How exciting your whole family is doing it too! My boyfriend and I are in this together, but I have been trying to get my mom and stepdad to join up. My mom just keeps saying she can't do it, which is really ticking me off, but I guess we can't control other people.. :)

I'm on Day 4 of my second Whole30 (last one was in October and I only lasted 25 days :/ ) and it's definitely going a lot easier this time around. I hope you're still feeling good and that your husband is able to stick to it past the first week, I think he'll feel better after then!

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Days 4 & 5 were extremely successful!!

I was a little nervous because my husband had to travel and he's new tho the whole30 thing. He was able to eat out and unless there were hidden things in the food, he stayed on track. He did say that he couldn't wait to get home for some of my home cooked meals :)

His clarity seems to be good and he keeps saying how he loves eating this way and that he would like to continue it as a lifestyle change. I'm thankful to hear that!! He has been battling a headache the past few days although that it almost normal for him. Hopefully after continuing through the month those headaches will go away.

I've felt good the past few days. My temper has flared up though and I yelled at my cat, dog, and husband when I shouldn't have. I ought to control myself better but perhaps I'm a bit on edge as my body is adjusting. I'm paying attention to that though and will work on avoiding any more outbursts. Today I've started off really tired. I hope the energy level will increase. I know I need to make sure and get enough sleep too.

My other family members started yesterday and so far they seem very pleased. I will keep track of their progress because I am very curious how it will effect them!! I'm so proud that they are jumping in on the action.

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Yesterday, Day 6, felt like a monday for sure. I was sleepy all day. Headaches seemed to go away for me, my husband is still dealing with them. He is still optimistic about it though and is happy to continue. Yay! Nothing very interesting or note worthy about our moods or anything for yesterday. Just tired. Hoping the energy will kick in soon.

I suppose I can share our meals:

Starting with yesterday:

Meal 1: Breakfast hash with butternut squash, onions, mushrooms, ham and eggs.

Meal 2: Grilled Chicken with fresh veggies and homemade ranch. (didn't pack enough for me at work and got really hungry later in the afternoon, didn't have a snack either)

Meal 3: Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs with a salad. (recipe from Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook. My new favorite!)

This morning was a hodge podge of items

Meal 1: Me- Kale and leftover grilled peppers and onions with sausage and an egg.

Hubby - Leftover hash, ham and an egg.

Later today:

Meal 2: Tuna stuffed eggs, easy slaw, a pickle (I double checked the label and it looks legit!)

Meal 3: Pork and apple sliders with carrot fries and possibly some gingered sugar snaps. Depends on how hungry we are.

We love the real foods!!

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Went for a walk on my lunch break and it was soooo refreshing! I don't move about nearly as much as I should. My excuse is because its winter and its dark out by the time I'm off work and get home. Mornings aren't a good work out time for me. I've tried it and it just doesn't work. Long story short I loved my walk today! I am looking forward to incorporating that into my break time.

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Day 8: Still feeling tired but also nurished. Sleeping a little better too. Hubby is still battling headaches. We aren't sure if it is still detox sympotoms or something else. His Blood Pressure is up again too and he is going to start back on some meds until we get his health turned around. We are very cautious with meds but feel like we don't want to risk the blood pressure thing.

Meal 1: Eggs over roasted sweet potatoes and apples with cinnamon and cayenne.

Meal 2: Me: leftover sliders with slaw, red peppers and cucumbers dipped in creamy italian ( made with home made mayo, italian spices and balsamic vinegar)

Hubby: Tuna salad with celery, green peppers and carrots dipped in creamy italian

Meal 3: Leftover spaghetti squash and meatballs and a clementine

Day 9: Very hard to get out of bed today. I don't think I'm going to bed early enough. Its hard to get to bed by nine! I had some interesting dreams last night. I remember that last Whole30 I started dreaming regularly. I suppose its because I'm getting better sleep.

Meal 1: Roasted butternut squash, leftover sliders and eggs topped with hot sauce

Anticipated Meal 2: Me: leftover sloppy joe over a portabello mushroom with a side salad topped with creamy italian.

Hubby: Salad with grilled chicken and topped with creamy itlalian

Anticipated Meal 3: Depending on what time I get home from errands: Salmon cakes with broccoli OR leftover spaghetti squash with meatballs (I made much more than i meant to! leftovers for days!!)

Picking up some coconut oil (the good kind!) and some grass-fed organic ghee from my bulk food coop this afternnon. Stoked for the ghee! I can't find it anywhere in this little town!

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Well...I guess I haven't kept up with this...

Short recap of the last week:

Good eats, bad moods, energy starting to pick up, sleeping great, started exercise again.

My hubby is about on his last straw with this. He is sticking to it though. I gave him permission to quit although I told him that he may still feel improvement if he gives it the full thirty days. He said he'll finish, but swears this is the last time. We'll see. ;)

I am feeling great about starting my workouts again. I'm not going too hard core, because its been a couple months since I've done anything. I turn into a sort of recluse when winter hits, but this year I'd like to be semi in shape before the nice weather hits and I want to be outside hiking and such.

I have been sleeping so wonderfully lately too. I love it. I'm still waking up about once a night, but that is great improvement from before. And I'm dreaming every night too. Long adventure dreams. Makes sleep much more exciting. I would love to get a little more sleep than I'm getting. Not sure how to make it happen. Anyway, I'm still enjoying this time of renewal!

Meal 1: Fiesta eggs (eggs, peppers, onions and spinach with taco seasoning), a small piece of leftover salmon and half and avocado

Meal 2: Tuna salad with fresh carrots, peppers and cucumber (needed a little more something with that meal, I'm feeling hungry!)

Meal 3: Chicken Stir-fry wraps (chicken, onions, red pepper stir fried in coconut aminos, red pepper, and garlic wrapped in lettuce) With cauliflower rice on the side

Tomorrow I will face an interesting delimma. My boss is bringing in Chicken and dumplings with cornbread for lunch. He specifically told us not to bring anything. I really have no problem not eating said food because I'm not really a fan of those things anyway, but my boss is rather sensitive. He could be really offended if I don't eat what he brings. (there's only five of us in this office and it would be obvious if I don't eat it.) I'm going to have to think hard on how to handle this tactfully. Maybe eat some of the chicken and bring my own salad?? Or try to explain my specific diet?? He's not a very approachable guy. :/

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What's up with hubby? Why/how is he struggling?

As for your boss, it may be a little too late, but even with unapproachable bosses, just saying, "I have some dietary restrictions, will there be something for me? I don't mind bringing my own"

I hesitantly emailed the CFO of my company once and he said "no problem! Let me know what would work for you on the menu" and then shot it right over to me

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My hubby is getting tired of the food choices. He is much pickier than he admits. Lunch is the main problem. He is on the road during the day and can't heat anything up. And for some reason he thinks if things aren't refrigerated they spoil. (?!) We've got ice packs to put in his lunch box. I've made sure to not send him with the same thing two days in a row. It may be more of a mental thing than not liking the food. (thinking things are spoiled) Same with veggies at breakfast. I'm afraid he's not getting enough. I declared that I was done making lunch for him if he was going to be so picky. I think he freaked out a little because he washed the dishes after dinner last night to try to make up...He was on his own this morning to make his lunch..there are options in the fridge. (hard boiled eggs, veggies, home made mayo, nuts, things he will have to actually make, he doesn't leave as early as I do)

I have noticed a difference in his mood, finally. More clarity and talkative, and not so grumpy. I think he was in worse health than me when we started and its taking longer for his body to adjust. He is committed to finishing. So, I will keep sending him with veggies and will include them with breakfast. Maybe he will start to want them as he notices his tastes changing. I have ordered some jerky and deli-meat that is whole30 compliant so hopefully that will help with the lunch options. Menu planning was much less stressful when it was just me doing a whole30! Ha!

I don't want to complain or rail on him. I am soooooo proud of him for even attempting this! He does want to be healthy and even if he doesn't finish this Whole30, I feel he is taking steps to get healthier.

Any to-go lunch ideas would be welcomed!!

Todays meals:

1: ham and eggs, with Kale on the side (super quick-fix and tasted bland and boring. I need to get up when my alarm goes off!!)

2: Me: I brought salad and will attempt to not offend my boss by not eating what he brings in. (I may eat some of the chicken unless its covered in dumpling juices) I also brough some tuna and nuts in case I need some thing later

Hubby: He was on his own this morning to put his lunch together...Hopefully I didn't set him up for failure

3: Leftover brussel sprouts, asparagus, cauliflower rice and bbq baked chicken

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Apparently I'm not very successful at a daily log.. never been good at a food journal either. Hm...Anyways, we are still going strong! The lunch in my office was successful. My co-worker helped explain my "diet" to our boss. I felt a little odd sitting with everyone eating my salad and tuna, while they munched on chicken and dumplings and cornbread, but I felt good about my choices and I wasn't going to give up and start over because of a little uncomfortableness.

We ventured out on Friday evening with some friends for dinner. It was a success! (food wise, the friends are always fun to hang out with). I brought my own salad dressing and ordered steak with veggies-sans butter. It tasted great and I'm confident I stayed on plan without getting stressed about it. I do have to say that my husband refused to bring his own dressing and used some from the restaurant. I realize that its all or nothing with the whole30, but for him to go this far and to stick to it so strict (except for one drizzle of dressing!) he is doing excellent. I tried to down play the you're-not-really-doing-a-whole30-if-you-aren't-strict thing with him, since he would like to continue and I feel he will have improvements if he keeps going from here.

This weekend was hard because we were both really wanting some wine! Hardest part of the Whole30. That's probably the only thing I would add back in afterwards since the food is so awesome.

Meals today:

1: Italian eggs: sauteed onions, zucchini, and spinach with eggs, tomato sauce and italian herbs and a couple leftover sausage patties

2: Tuna with cucumbers and peppers with a handful of plaintain crisps

3: Salmon cakes with steamed broccoli covered with ghee and some other veggie to be determined

I'm thinking I need to add in a snack in the afternoon since I'm starting to work out after work. I usually get pretty hungry by the time I'm leaving work and it would be a long time until dinner. Possibly a hard boiled egg and handful of veggies.

Moods are good on my part. My husband has been a little sulky lately. I think that has more to do with work stress than anything else. I'm sleeping ok. But still feeling tired during the day. I'm not sure if that is because I'm not sleeping enough or just a seasonal thing.

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Day 22:

Meal 1: Bacon and eggs over onions and red peppers. Didn't get enough and had to rush out the door to work. Felt really hungry after a couple hours, even with drinking my usual cup of coffee.

Meal 2: Salad with chicken and plenty of homemade vinegrette. Needed some fats to fill me up!

Meal 3: Stir-fry with green beans, broccoli, onions and ground beef with sunshine sauce from Well Fed (delish!)

Day 23:

Woke up in the night extremely hungry. Possibly from starting working out again and needing to eat more

Meal 1: Roasted sweet potoato and eggs. Didn't seem like enough, but was very full after eating it. Not sure how to overcome getting hungry mid morning, yet eating as much as I can at breakfast.

Looking forward to:

Meal 2: Spaghetti squash and chicken with sunshine sauce

Snack: Hard boiled egg and handful of veggies (going to the grocery after work and if I go hungry I may not make good choices!)

Meal 3: Coconut chicken with mango salsa

Hubby is still hanging on by a thread. His meals are almost identical as mine except for little veggies in the morning and today he had a salad at a restaurant with dressing. Although that makes him not completely compliant I'm going to keep rooting him on. He appears to have lost some weight! And I know he is feeling better even if he won't admit it. ;)

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Saturday was our last day. We completed a W25. :) Honestly it was starting to cause problems between me and my husband and our marriage is more important than a chemical-free salad dressing. I don't want to be controlling and Josh was feeling trapped. I am soo very proud of him for going through it for so long. He has lost a good bit of weight and seems to feel better. I could have continued but I actually stopped for his sake. Knowing my husband he would have felt an overwhelming sense of guilt for quitting, especially since my parents and sisters are on the W30 as well. So I decided to be officially over with the W30.

I will continue to cook at home W30 compliant. We really enjoy real food and it makes us feel good. Our off plan choices will most likely include some wine or beer on the weekends and not worrying about things that sneak in when we eat out. I know for sure that wheat makes me bloated and gassy. And dairy gives me a stomach ache. I will stay away from those things if at all possible. Josh didn't want to attempt a reintroduction phase so its still a little unknown what exactly may cause him issues. Fortunately he is still a big fan of real food and requests dinners that are excellent choices!

One of my goals for this W30 was to kick start myself back into making good food choices. I slipped up quite a bit over the Christmas season, but now I am where I want to be. Staying active is another important part of being healthy and that is a growing part of our lives. We are commited to hiking every weekend possible and being outdoors when we can. Its wonderful to feel great and to have the energy to keep moving and the clearity of mind to make good food choices!!

Thanks all for listening to my rambling! :)

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