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Going off the pill?


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Hi there,

I recently finished my 4th W30, while being on the pill. I definitely enjoy the predictability of the pill but I feel like it might be time to come off of it and see how I do.

I’ve gone off them in the past but I experienced all sorts of symptoms so I went back on. Given my body is in a more healed state right now, I’m wondering if now would be a good time to try again...and I’m wondering if anyone else has done it and the experience they had.

I understand everyone’s different and you can’t advise me as a doctor...I’m more looking to hear people’s experiences.

Thanks in advance - I appreciate it.

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I did not "go off the pill" on Whole30. I stopped using any form of contraceptives in my 20s. There is an adjustment period for your body when you first stop using contraceptives. I would imagine now would be an ideal place to start, but if this is something you desire, I wouldn't wait.

Just like when you change any part of your life, there will be a time of adjustment. Just stick with it and seek medical care as necessary! All the best.

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