Reflux caused by not eating grains and having more acid

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It seems I have reflux or herds which started after I finished whole 30 as I don’t eat any grains but sweet potato and I do eat slot of tomatoes and have lemon on my water daily. 

I wake up coughing alot and clear my throat a lot. Anyone heard of this happening to them? 

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So I guess it's possible eating grains was keeping you from having heartburn, but it might be more likely that without grains in your diet, you're eating more of something that is causing these symptoms. I know a lot of people feel tomatoes make  their heartburn symptoms worse, or spicy foods, or for some people, coconut products.

If you've kept a food diary, can you pinpoint anything that changed around the time you started having symptoms? Like, did you suddenly have more tomatoes than usual, or more of something else? 

Some people find that taking apple cider vinegar helps with heartburn, but others find it makes it worse, you could read up on that if it's something you want to try. Or if it's really bad, especially if it doesnt seem to get better with over the counter remedies, you might want to talk to your doctor. 

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