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Just wanted to say thanks!


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Just wanted to say I'm so glad I signed up for the daily whole 30 emails. Yesterday was my worst (Day 3) I felt like crap (woke up with vertigo) took some dramimine which helps with dizziness and checked my email because I knew whole 30 was waiting to encourage me. I read that day 3 is often the worst day, I have to agree! At least for me day 3 was the worst. I wanted to say thanks to the whole30 folks for such great support. Poor hubby, late yesterday evening I was really crabby/tired and not feeling like talking. I cooked dinner, for myself I fixed a yummy omlete with lots of veggies, for him biscuits and gravy and he had the NERVE to say the gravy was a bit runny.....let's just say I don't think he will ever say that again, lol

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