Day 14, shouldn’t I be past the slump ?


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Wondering if anyone else out there is still in a slump ? I’m grumpy , tired and hungry! I have had dizzy spells all last week . First week in I had the headaches and just blah, now this week I’m still tired and all mentioned symptoms?! What the hey?! I struggle with low thyroid issues, and insomnia. None have improved. I follow the rules I have not cheated ! So is this normal ? When do I get the Amazinv sleep everyone talks about? Or the energy ?! And when does the weight comd off? Feeling discouraged 

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If you're hungry, that's a good sign you're not eating enough. You can download the meal template here:

Be sure each meal meets at least the minimum size listed on the template, meaning: 1-2 palm-sized (the length, width, and height of your palm) of protein, or if eggs are your only protein in a meal, have as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand, which is probably 3-4; 1-2 thumb-sized portions of oil, or 1/2 to a whole avocado, or 1-2 heaping handfuls of olives or coconut flakes, or 1/3-1/2 a can of full-fat coconut milk, or a small handful of nuts or seeds -- pick one or two of these in addition to any oil you cook in; and then fill up your plate with vegetables -- so 2-3 cups of vegetables, more if it's loosely packed salad. Have at least one fist-sized serving of a starchy vegetable each day (like potato, sweet potato, turnips, beets, carrots, parsnips, rutabagas, plantains, or any winter squash like butternut or acorn squash). If you want to have fruit, have it with a meal, not on its own, and try to limit it to not more than two closed fist sized servings each day. Salt your food so that it tastes good and drink plenty of water (aim for 1/2 oz per pound of body weight, so a 120-lb person needs at least 60 oz).

If you are working out, you should also have pre- and post-wo meals in addition to your three meals a day. 

If you find yourself hungry between meals -- truly hungry, not wanting to eat because you're bored or upset or have a craving for something -- it is fine to eat more. If you do need to eat between meals, try to have a combination of protein, fat, and vegetables, or at least two of the three, so something like a hard boiled egg with mayo, or some leftover chicken and vegetables from a previous meal. Once you get the size of your meals worked out, you should find it easy to go 4-5 hours between meals most days. 

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