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I had some bad news a few days ago and I got off track big time trying to stuff my pain. Drank too much, got into toast jam and regular butter and lots of chocolate almonds. Amazing how sluggish I felt. Sleepy again and not wanting to even take my daily walk. Sugar dragon is in big time and all I do is think about food. I have got to get co trip over myself again so am Re reading book again to see if a week back on program will kick dragon to the curb. So hard when emotional issues pull you down. And the one I have will last for 4 more months until my daughters pregnancy gets good news or not. Ugh 

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Sorry to hear about the bad news.

The silver lining is that you are learning more about how certain food choices affect you. That's gold! You are more aware and able to make the corrections you need to feel your best.

I didn't have the best reintroduction earlier this month and yesterday totally fell off track. I wasn't intentional with my choices. I chose my food based on emotion, not physical needs. 

My plan is to also re-read my books to get motivated and pick out new recipes. 

We did it before and we can do it again! Go slay that sugar dragon!

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Hi everyone.. I am new here but not new Whole30. I am struggling to get back on track also. I started in September with the program and continued through the beginning of this month. I felt the best I have in years! I lost a total of 20 lbs. I have a friend who is doing keto and for some reason I decided to try it, focusing on weight loss and not on maintaining healthy eating habits. I began gaining weight and gave into an "anything goes"  binge that has lasted 2 weeks. It has been a complete disaster! I feel miserable after abandoning my healthy habits. I desperately want to stop beating myself up, and begin Whole30 again. I have spent a good portion of my adult life jumping from one diet to another only to gain back more weight, and I am grateful for the support to help me get back to a healthy way of life as opposed to dieting. I am starting back on whole30 tomorrow and am dreading the sugar withdrawal!  I was sick for at least 3 days when I began before but I know it's necessary. It is reassuring to know that others have struggled also and have been able to push through to a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for listening and for the support of this group. 

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11 hours ago, ImaNailtech said:

 I desperately want to stop beating myself up

This will be the ticket to how to correct behaviour you find less than desireable. There is no point and no value in being mean to yourself. It solves nothing and can cause a shame spiral. 

Try changing the language you're using. Instead of mean or accusatory language you could try: "I made some decisions that I now know were not the right ones for me. I felt and looked my best on Whole30 and I know that it fits in my life so I'm going to put the last two weeks behind me and move forward. It might be difficult in the first few days but I'm prepared for that and I'll give myself kindness and consideration during the adjustment process. I'm worth my best effort."

Try that and see if it's not a bit easier to make change when you're not yelling at yourself. :)

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