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Reintroducing healthy foods


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I’m excited for this next chapter, but now that I have been dong my body good by eating healthy, are there recommendations on how to continue to make good food choices for our bodies, without going back to refined grains.. for example.. 

it would be nice if we had an idea of how to continue choosing better food choices, that may not be whole30 approved, but it’s still a good choice for the body.. I hope I’m making sense lol..


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Whole30's position is that you do Whole30, do your reintroductions, and then use the information you have learned from that to guide you as you decide what works for you. We don't tell you exactly what to eat after Whole30, because everyone is different and will make different decisions. One person may reintro dairy and have such obvious negative side effects that they decide they will avoid dairy forever no matter how much they loved it, others will not notice effects at least from occasional consumption and decide that they're fine with having pizza every couple of weeks or their favorite Starbucks drink every now and then, and others will experience side effects but decide that at least sometimes those side effects are totally worth it to have pizza or ice cream or whatever. So it's really a very individual choice what you decide is right for you. And that's really the goal, for each person to take responsibility for their own decisions rather than living by someone else's rules forever. 

This link has links to information about reintroduction, and to items about life after Whole30 -- if you haven't already, maybe start by reading it:  https://whole30.com/finished/. The book Food Freedom Forever is all about figuring out how to eat after Whole30, so that might be something to look into as well. 

If you're just looking for ways to incorporate occasional desserts or breads that are grain-free, or that may even be made with Whole30 compliant ingredients but not follow the SWYPO rules, as @xx_firefly mentioned, a lot of paleo recipes may be useful for you -- but there is no one way of eating that is paleo, it's not that well-defined, so you still will need to define what you feel like is right for you and then find recipes that meet those standards. And remember that you can always re-evaluate how things are going and change course if it's not working for you -- so right now, you may feel like you're fine to include beans a few times a week in your meals, but then over time if you realize you don't feel as good as you did at the end of your Whole30. At that point, you could go back to Whole30 eating for a while until you feel good again, and then maybe try not having beans as often and see how that goes.

I think this is linked somewhere on the page I linked above, but I really feel it's worth reading, this is part 1 of 3 parts, there's a link at the bottom to the next one -- it's Melissa Hartwig describing how she eats and how she came to figure this out:  https://whole30.com/2014/05/dear-melissa-eat-part-1/


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