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Carbs and Calcium concerns


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First, a little background: I have a 2 1/2 year old that I originally started feeding paleo (with the exception of cow's milk) when she moved to solids. For a long time, her diet was probably 90% controlled by me, so it was healthy. That degraded over time and the grandparents stopped respecting my food wishes, so a day out of the week she was fed total garbage over at their houses, and my husband started feeding her dinner a couple nights of week. Over the last few months while I've endured morning sickness, she was being fed by my husband more often, and of course this guy still eats like he's in 9th grade - grilled cheese, ravioli out of a can, mac and cheese - just garbage. He feeds her this stuff every time he feeds her. So now I have to undo the damage, because now she refuses healthy foods she used to like.

On top of all that, this kid has a serious milk and cheese habit that I know prevents her from eating other, healthier food choices. My plan is to remove this stuff from the house entirely to help get her back on track. The problem is, she has never liked greens, broth, etc.. - all the rich sources of calcium in the diet. I know food isn't simply one nutrient and we're not trying to hit some government recommended level of calcium to magically have strong bones, but if you're not eating any foods rich in a particular nutrient, couldn't that become a deficiency?

The other thing is, this kid also hates potatoes - sweet, white, red, doesn't matter she hates them all. I've tried making potatoes in so many different ways, but have yet to find a way she'll eat them. So, she only eats fruits as a "carb source". Is that o.k.? She's a very active kid, wouldn't she need more than just fruit? I react to rice, so it makes me nervous to put rice in her diet but I know some paleo eaters do this. Should I explore that option? Or, what do parents in this situation do to make sure we're not too low-carbing our kids?

I would rather feed her a truck full of fruit than a bite of bread, so I guess I'm just looking for assurances here. You know, as a mom you just want to do what's best for your kid. I'd hate to cut out milk with no good back up calcium source and then cause some kind of deficiency. If anyone has opinions, thoughts, suggestions on these two issues, I'd appreciate hearing it.

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