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Sharing my "why" on Day 7 of my 6th W30 Reset


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This has been called a "journey", even I've used this term while in pursuit of my best body size and health and Food Freedom Forever to maintain it.  And it certainly IS a journey!

I am on Day 7 of my 6th Whole30.  I'm not discouraged.  I've made some mistakes in between, fallen back on old habits, gained some weight back.  But I AM LEARNING.

It took joining a facebook group and matching up with an accountability partner this time, after several (and I mean SEVERAL!!) failed attempts to keep on past a few days.  I just wasn't committed, though I knew what I wanted.  There's no way around it - you have to be committed.  Having a group or an individual outside your home that is counting on you to stay strong, to help them do the same... that works for me.

I want to include my "why" in this post, so that I can refer back to it when those pastries or chocolates or mounds of pasta start their siren song for me again at some point after each W30 reset:

W30, for me, is a freedom from calorie and points counting, and hunger/deprivation while trying to "improve myself", turning my body against my very efforts as it fights to hold onto the weight.  I'm already a pro at that endless cycle, and where did it get me, overweight and unhappy. 
My goal is to lose weight steadily until I reach the point where I feel good in my clothes, and strong. It might not even be the number on the scale that I THINK will make me feel this way.  Along the way, it's more important that I LEARN how to eat for life. No more yo-yo-ing. So, tweaking the numbers regarding what I ingest each day, stepping on the scale, obsessing over every fat on my plate... not for me. I'm done with that. 
I am seeking to unlearn a lifelong unhealthy relationship with food, enjoy satiation and satisfaction from every meal, while learning to eat sensibly FOR LIFE along the way. 
If it takes me longer to lose the weight during this process and multiple rounds of W30, I don't care. I will get this.
To all of you on YOUR journey, I wish you success with your food freedom goals!
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