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Reset 6, Day 8: Staying on track when feeling out of sorts


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I have a couple factors working against me today, but have managed to stay the course on this, Reset #6, Day 8.

I've been on a pretty challenging nightshift schedule, 60 hours/week.  This past week has been tough to get any quality day-sleep.  Usually, this is not a problem but this week has been off.  Tonight, the fifth overnight, I'm feeling it.  I'm tired.  Luckily, the next two nights after this, I will be sleeping overnight.  I'm hoping that will put me back into my usual good day-sleep pattern when I begin my overnight shifts again next week.

On top of being tired, some family drama has me feeling irritable.  

I've remained compliant for two reasons;  First, my meals were well planned and came together without much effort.  Second, having an accountability partner online to report to keeps me wanting to keep the daily count going and not have to start over at Day 1.  If I were on my own, it would have been easy to just decide to start over "tomorrow".

So, I'm thankful that while I'm beginning an overnight in someone else's home, while feeling a little out of sorts, my determination remains strong.  It's a good thing, for my client has already offered me blueberry crisp and of course, to help myself to anything else in their pantry that strikes my fancy!

I'm drinking water to tamp down the emotionally based response to the cravings that keep popping up.  I've got two meals with me to look forward to as well, so I'll keep reminding myself of that, and WHY I'm doing a W30 reset, as visions of a warm bowl of blueberry crisp with whipped cream keeps rising up.

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