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Feeling under the weather.


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I am R1D27 and I am not getting out of this plan what I hoped too. I have generally followed a gluten free/ dairy free diet before starting this way of life. (Id say about 95% for both.) I started this diet to remove all of these things and then some, to feel better over all.

As of this week , the heat has cooled off here in Minnesota. My asthma has been bad with the humidity all summer. I thought it would get better and it is not. The  cooler weather brings on the aches and pains in my hands, this too has started. My sleeping, well If I can get 6 hours thats about it and I start to toss and turn about 4am. (going to bed between 9 and 10pm) I have still have these bouts of EXTREEM tiredness. At least 2 night a week, I can hardly pull my self home from work, to take a 2 hour nap, eat dinner and back to bed for the night by 8pm, sleeping thought the night till my alarm goes off at 630am. My depression is tough, not getting outside to prepare for winter.  I have stranger danger type anxiety which makes me not want to do things with others. Sometimes not wanting to even just be outside. I still have brain fog most days. My clothes are not getting a lot looser, but my belly feels better, I do not feel so bloated, but all these other things I thought would clear up or get better have not. Im feeling  so defeated... so mislead by this plan. 

I have not cheated, as hard as some days have been. Not even once! Not even a tasted! As I wanted to give this plan a true test. 

What am I doing wrong? where do I go from here?

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It's hard to say what you might be doing wrong without knowing what you're actually doing -- could you list a day or two of typical meals, including approximate portion sizes as they relate to the meal template (you can download that here if you need it:  https://whole30.com/pdf-downloads/)?

Things that we tend to see people do that may make their experience not so great include not eating enough, especially not eating enough fat or going too low carb; not drinking enough water; or not salting their food. Be sure you're eating at least the minimum amount on the template at each meal, three times a day. Pick one or two of the fat options listed on the template to have with each meal, in addition to any oil you cook in. If you have meals where eggs are your only protein, have as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand -- probably 3-4 for most adults -- or if you don't want that many eggs at once, add some extra protein to make up the difference. For water, aim to drink 1/2 oz per pound of body weight, so a 120-lb person needs at least 60 oz. And for salt, unless you've been told otherwise by a doctor, just use enough salt that food tastes good to you, but definitely don't be afraid to use some. 

Unfortunately, Whole30 isn't a miracle cure, and some things it cannot completely get rid of. Some people find that arthritis pain or asthma improve or even go away completely from eating this way, but not everyone does -- for some, it may just take longer than 30 days, and for other people it turns out that there are foods that are completely Whole30 compliant that just don't work for them, and for still others it may turn out that there non-food-related underlying causes to their issues and while eating Whole30 and getting rid of as much inflammation in the body as you can through food  will overall help you feel better, it may not be enough to give you relief from some issues. If you want to try to track down how certain foods affect your symptoms, you can try keeping a food diary where you note what you've eaten each day and what symptoms you noticed and their severity -- but this is a long-term project for sure, as sometimes these relationships are not obvious. 

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