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Starkist chunk white albacore tuna in water


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I've just finished my 30 days and started the reintroduction today.  I was going to make a tuna salad for dinner (with homemade mayo) and glanced at the ingredients on the can of tuna.  The ingredients listed are white tuna, water, vegetable broth, salt and pyrophosphate.  I understand that most vegetable broths are not compliant due to added soy, but the label on the can also says gluten free and soy free.  Is soy the only thing in added vegetable broth I should be concerned about at this stage?

I don't want to mess anything up since I've come this far and I couldn't find anything in the forums.  


Thank you

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It would be difficult for us to make a blanket statement about vegetable broth and what it may or may not contain.  Ideally you'd contact the company and find out what is in their vegetable broth or get the 'light tuna' that in the states is usually just packed in water (in canada almost all tuna is packed in water so we don't have this same issue).

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