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I’m over this cleanse! Day 30!

breakfast- banana and cashew butter

lunch- left over taco salad

dinner- chipotle chicken, potatoes, mixed veggies 


Tomorrow I’m going to try some cheese, and I’m going to do a slow roll introduction. Just kind of introduce myself in the wild little by little. I know for a fact there will be cheese and wine at my aunts and I’m going to go for the cheese (Im trying to keep alcohol consumption for special occasions or parties ). So beside that I’m keeping up Whole 30 food- and on Sunday, I’m going bake some paleo brownies to test run for my family's Halloween Night Trick or Treat Party. Catch you all on the Reintroduction log if you’re fascinated to know how cheese goes.

And thanks for anyone who read. I learned more about myself than I thought and lost 10 pounds. Cheers to sweet potatoes and coconut milk.  

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