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R6, Day 12, feeling great!


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It is Day 12 of my 6th Whole30, and I have every confidence that I will make it.  To clarify, this round is actually longer - I've got 37 (or maybe 38) days more to go.  I decided that this time, I would go as long as I could before a scheduled trip away with a large group of people would make it really a chore to be compliant with every food choice.

My goal, as with every W30, is to change my habits.  I hope, even after I reach my last day of this reset, to be able to make smart, sustainable choices when not doing a reset.  I expect I'll need to go back into a W30 upon return from the trip to reinforce what this one is doing for me, but that's ok.  It's a process.

I made it past a lot of triggers over this past weekend, and am feeling very accomplished and confident.

I have experienced being over-tired this round too, because of my night shift work schedule as well, and have handled my food choices just fine, when I would have reached for snacks as part of an effort to give myself a little "pep" boost.  I am certain that is because of good planning and not having to make decisions when tired or hungry.

Today I went to bed to sleep days, with a headache.  I woke four hours later with the headache magnified.  Took some tylenol, drank a LOT of water and ate a meal within an hour and a half of waking, and I feel pretty good now.  Did not snack.  Did not reach for comfort food.  Yay, me!

An important part of deciding to stick with the W30 beyond the first 7 days is having a daily accountability partner.  It makes me feel a certain responsibility towards their goals too, and it keeps me on the right path.

On to Day 13!

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