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Day 20: Possible nightshade intolerance--regular whole30 reintroduction?


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Hi! I have done a whole 30 days of eating compliant food about 4 times over the past 3 years. This is my 4th time (Started September 5). However, I don't call them "rounds" because I have never been able to actually do a proper reintroduction. I always plan to and then just slide back into old eating habits. I always notice feeling bad, but I never know what food is causing issues.  I also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I tried to do the autoimmune protocol in January 2018 while studying for the bar exam, and only lasted 20ish days because I was too stressed to meal prep all of the time and with whole30 plus no nightshades it was extra hard. 

So this whole30, I am committed to a reintroduction. I try not to eat much bread in general, because I have been able to pinpoint that it causes intense bloating/drainage/constipation/anxiety for me so I may not reintroduce it. I noticed this about a month ago when I went a week without bread or flour and then when I had a biscuit it was a disaster. When I had salsa for the first time again this past January (after 20 days), I noticed I would get hives and redness on my cheeks. So, I still try to avoid tomatoes too.

This round of whole30 I've noticed that other things, like potatoes, give me bloating, drainage, and anxiety similar to my reaction to bread.  I had potatoes a few times last week and within a few hours after eating them I noticed the gross full, bloated feeling followed by intense anxiety issues and drainage the next day. I had potatoes maybe 3-4 times last week. 

I know that with an autoimmune disease nightshades can be problematic, but all that I eat regularly are eggs (daily) and chili peppers in seasoning on most protein. Everyday, I've noticed that I'm still having some inflammation on my cheeks (redness, hive like bumps) in addition to the new potato issues. (Sidenote: in other whole30 attempts, I never ate potatoes and only ate sweet potatoes because my husband does not like to eat regular potatoes so I never really buy them anyway--except last week)

Being 20 days into this whole30, and noticing these issues should I just start to eliminate nightshades since I am noticing problems with them? Or should I finish the entire 30 days and the reintroduction before I attempt eliminating the nightshades. Am I making too much of an assumption that my reactions in the past were from tomatoes and potatoes? 

Either way, I have not noticed as many benefits this round. My skin on my face is still randomly red/itchy and I do not sleep as deeply/feel as rested as I have in the past. Plus, the random anxiety. I am at an impasse and not sure what to do. I definitely want to get the most benefit from this round and ACTUALLY do a systematic reintroduction so I know what is bothering me. 


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If you feel like you're reacting to tomatoes and potatoes, and you feel like you're not seeing the results you want, nightshades are as good a place to start as any. Sometimes these things can be hard to pinpoint and take some trial and error, so it may turn out not to be nightshades -- or to be some combination of them and something else -- but you have to start somewhere.

You could finish your Whole30 and reintroduction first, but if you're experiencing symptoms from something already, and then you reintroduce a new thing, you may not be able to tell if you have new symptoms or if you just have the same symptoms, especially if they're better some days and worse others anyway. 

Could you start leaving out nightshades now, and then by day 30 you should have a pretty good idea of if your symptoms are improving or not? If everything is cleared up, you could reintroduce the non-Whole30 stuff (but continue to leave out nightshades) to get some idea how those items affect you, or if you get to day 30 and you can tell your symptoms are getting better but maybe aren't 100% cleared up, you could keep doing Whole30 + no nighthshades for a little while longer and start reintroductions when everything is cleared up. Or if by chance there is absolutely no change in your symptoms after 9-10 days of no nightshades, or they've gotten worse, then it's probably something other than nightshades causing most of the problem, and you'd need to figure out how you want to proceed at that point. 

If you want to double check what all is included in the nightshade family, check out this article:  https://www.thepaleomom.com/what-are-nightshades/ -- be sure you check all your spices, especially spice blends, to be sure there are no nightshades in them. 

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Great! I appreciate the advice. 

I think the plan is to try to cut out nightshades the best I can over the last 10 days. It will take some work since I realized (after looking at the list) another staple of mine this whole30 has been the green olives with pimientos for a healthy fat. Just cutting out nightshades sounds less daunting than no eggs too (although I know that was the other recommendation in the Whole30 book). I do eat eggs everyday for breakfast and in my homemade mayo so I guess if the symptoms aren't gone after taking away nightshades I'll give no eggs a go too. 

I had so many NSVs after my first 30 days a few years ago, I would love to get back to that place!

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