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My Whole 30 - adding more foods


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My Whole30 will be about adding more foods to my diet. You see, so far I´ve been eating a very strict and lowish-carb paleo, no fruit/berries, no roots or starchy veggies and no nuts. I have a history of sugar/carb addiction and binge eating and the low-carb style has been great for stopping cravings, keeping me from bingeing and dealing with candida. That is truly fantastic but I´ve had no weightloss and for the last few months I´ve had no energy at all. I´ve had a lot of bloodwork done by my MD and it´s all ok but I still have a long way to go in healing my body, and mind, after a lifetime of abusing it with food.

So keeping this log will, I hope, make it possible for me to add roots and the occasional starchy veggie, low-sugar fruit and berry to my diet while keeping a keen eye on cravings, digestion and energy levels.

Day 1:

breakfast - chicken, duck fat, lettuce, cucumber and bone broth.

lunch - chicken, broccoli, duck fat, avocado, lettuce and 1/4 red grapefruit.

dinner - beef, parsnips, green beans, coconut oil, cucumber and lettuce.

snack - mackerel in tomato sauce (tinned), coconut flake.

Grapefruit and parsnips are new. No cravings (!) but I´m a bit bloated.

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Day 2:

So, the bloat turned into tummy ache this morning... not nice so today I stayed with my usual foods. Usual low energy, napping is great though ;).

breakfast - chicken, coconut oil, cucumber, mix leaf lettuce and bone broth.

lunch - chicken, coconut oil, cherry tomatoes and coconut milk.

dinner - beef, onion, coconut oil, carrots, mix leaf lettuce and baby spinach.

snack - mackerel in tomato sauce, coconut flakes.

Tomorrow I might try some grapefruit on it´s own, as a snack. Digestionwise that would be much better but I´m concerned about cravings.

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Day 3:

breakfast - salmon sashimi, cucumber, coconut oil, mix leaf lettuce, baby spinach, bone broth.

lunch - chicken, chicken fat, cucumber, carrots, mix leaf lettuce and baby spinach.

snack - 1/2 red grapefruit.

dinner - beef, coconut oil, onions, haricot verts and coconut flakes.

I had the fruit on an empty stomach and it seems to be just fine :).

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Thanks Keren :) I´ve been in this trial-and-error-game for a while now and this is usually how I do it. Today though, I have a bit of a rough time. I feel like I´m doing so much to heal and regain energy and the rewards are just not there. This morning I had a chat with my MD about my labs and they are fine while I´m not! Had a few mor tests done but sometimes it´s hard to keep staying motivated, and today is one of those days. I´m just so tired.

Day 4:

breakfast - salmon, coconut oil, avocado, cucumber, mix leaf lettuce, baby spinach and bone broth.

lunch - chicken, coconut oil, sweet potato (1/2 small one), cucumber and baby spinach.

dinner - chicken, carrots, onion, broccoli and coconut oil

snack - pork, cucumber and coconut milk

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My reactions to both the grapefruit and now the sweet potato (slightly bloated this morning) is consistent to the theory of food combining so I´m not particularly surprised of these reactions. For those of you who don´t know anything about about food combining the basic two principles are to eat fruit on its own and to not mix starch and protein foods in the same meal, all for ease of digestion. Next time I have sweet potato I´ll eat it as a snack, my only concern then is about cravings.

Anyway, I´ve had some additional blood work done and there is definatly something going on there. Not sure what but I´m going to ask for more tests. This also means that I don´t think having a few sweet potatos here and there is going to solve the problem. This whole experimentation thing is also slightly triggering to my addiction/ED. I´ll try a couple more foods but then I´ll think I´ll just have to stick to what I know or I might find myself in that mental prison again. And that´s no place to be.

Day 5:

breakfast - pork/bacon, avocado, cucumber, romaine, bone broth.

lunch - chicken, coconut oil, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, romaine and coconut flakes.

snack - bluberries and raspberries

dinner - beef, coconut oil, zucchini, parsnips, haricot verts and avocado.

Major cravings... I want to eat everything in sight... those parsnips were just a bit too good... I´m drinking water and focusing on my breath. Maybe I´ve played with fire and it´s time to stop. The upside is that berries and grapefruit seems to be fine as long as they´re eaten on an empty stomach!

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Day 6:

After another morning of tummy ache I´ve decided to stop the experimentation. I´ve had enough of tummy aches in my life and this whole process is triggering too. I know how to keep my tummy happy and cravings at bay most of the time so that´s what I´ll do. And it´s Whole30 compliant by default. :)

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