What is the acid for?


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Why is an acid necessary in dressings?  Or in the protein salad?  Is it just a taste thing or is there science behind it?  I see the direction to "add acid" so I'm wondering if there's more than just a taste issue.  I'm not a fan so if I leave it out will I ruin it?  Thanks!

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On 9/27/2018 at 10:49 AM, laura_juggles said:

There is not a single citrus fruit or vinegar that you like? 

In salads, the vinegar or citrus juice largely aids in the mouthfeel because otherwise it's just straight oil. The oil just coats your mouth and makes it really hard to taste anything else. 


Thanks for that explanation!!  There are citrus fruits I'll eat but I really dislike vinegar in all its forms if I can taste it.

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