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Will extending the program help eczema if it's worse than ever?

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I am currently on Day 32, unsure of what steps to take. I have been 100% compliant for all the days and the eczema that I've had is worse than ever. I have been to the dermatologist several times and they have given me topical treatments that work temporarily, but I'm wanting to get to the bottom of my eczema, which I know can be a huge undertaking to try to figure out. 

I've made an appointment with one of the only holistic doctors in my area to try to figure out potential eczema causes. She has fabulous reviews and I'm very excited about seeing her, but the appointment is 33 days from today. I know eggs, nuts, and night shades could be culprits (as I've read on other threads), but I would love to start reintroductions. So I'm wondering what I should do. Has anyone ever experienced their eczema getting worse as the program progressed, but seen improvement from extending the program, just as written without additional eliminations?

My boyfriend thinks it doesn't make sense to continue eating this way if I'm continually getting worse (since eating compliant with Whole30) and the fact that we have no idea what the doctor will recommend. I am shooting in the dark right now and am not in love with the idea of cutting out eggs, nuts, and nightshades arbitrarily without the doctor's recommendation...since it could be reactions something else entirely. 

What would you do?

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It's unfortunate that sometimes when people who have autoimmune conditions like eczema do the program they tend to eat items in abundance that trigger symptoms... if you're eating more eggs, nuts, night shades or other eczema triggering foods than you usually do then it's definitely possible that you're impacting your condition.  I would try cutting out those items for a couple weeks and see how things go... unfortunately again, with something like a skin condition, it can take more time to heal the symptoms so you can then see where you're at - I know someone that if they get an eczema flare, it takes 14 days to get back to a solid baseline. 

I don't think cutting out known eczema triggers is arbitrary but that's definitely your call to make... if you cut them out and that doesn't help resolve it, then add them back - maybe you have a tolerance limit that you've exceeded and cutting them out and then going back to having 'some' of these items would work for you.  It's not possible for us to say exactly what it is and it really does suck that the only way to figure these types of things out is with experimentation which often takes a while and can be very frustrating.

Maybe just keep going with the program as written for a couple weeks and if things get better then great and if not, then go the next two weeks cutting out triggering foods.  Make notes/journal what you eat and the symptoms etc... so you can take a lot of great personal information to the doctor.

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