Hives and thrush - day 12


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Hi all - I’m on day 12 of my first Whole 30. On day 6 I woke up and my mouth felt completely burnt over and I started to develop cold sores. I hadn’t eating anything hot the day before so after googling it a bit I got the sense it was thrush. On day 8, I woke up with some small hives on my right arm. I went to an urgent care yesterday as they had gotten worse and my pcp today as they were completely covering my body when I woke up this am (face, neck, stomach, arms, legs - literally everywhere!). My pcp diagnosed it as “idiopathic urticaria” aka hives for no distinguishable reason and oral thrush. Nonetheless, he is sending me to an allergist on Tuesday to get it checked out. In terms of food, everything I’m eating I’ve eaten before, though definitely more quantities since starting. I had coconut water on day 5, coconut milk on day 7 and coconut water again on day 9. So I stopped that in case it was related, and stopped all nuts since day 9. Even still, the hives got worse and spread more.


i have read about how it could be my body detoxing etc but I’m really just wondering - has anyone experienced anything like this!?! I never had thrush before and I’m not prone to hives whatsoever. Kind of feel like my body is rejecting being healthy! Lol - powering through though. Appreciate any info on similar experiences! 

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Hi! Honestly, no. Went to the allergist. She explained that if it was a food reaction it would have cleared up once it was out of my system. Unfortunately, these lasted for about 10 days and got worse before it got better - they were severe and on every inch of my body. I even ate incredibly plainly on day 13, and also didn’t eat much, just to be careful (it helped I wasn’t that hungry being so itchy!). The allergist has me on Allegra every day for 30 days and then a follow up. Once the Allegra kicked in, the hives went down and disappeared after about a day. I have resumed eating nuts, even coconut creamer occasionally. It was honestly a very strange experience. The allergist thought it could be the start of “chronic hives” or a virus of some sort. A virus would explain the thrush apparently.


Perhaps it was a detoxing reaction of some sort or due to changes in my immune system. Either way - stuck through it and on day 23!

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