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Starting Whole30 For My First Time on 10/1


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Very excited to try Whole30 starting on 10/1! I will be reading the materials today and tomorrow and getting in my groceries and meal prep so I’ll be able to do this! My colleague joined and lost 7 to 8 pounds and said she feels much better. I need to hit my personal reset button. I used to work out almost everyday and in the past few months have gained five or so pounds and completely stopped working out and making my health a priority. 

My grandfather passed away in May, my job has been very difficult, and just a few weeks ago my father had a cancer operation and they had to remove a large part of his tongue. He will be unable to eat again for a few months. As his caregiver the last thing I want to do is eat anything in front of him especially anything that people often crave or have intense smells like bacon, cookies, and all the fun stuff! I look forward to being by his side and helping him through his recovery while helping myself as well. Here’s to starting Whole30!


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