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Not hungry enough to eat


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On 9/29/2018 at 8:58 AM, Stephanie1967! said:

I am having a real hard time eating...I have completely lost my appetite. I'm on day 10. Any suggestions would be helpful. 

Are you bored with your food, nothing sounds good?   Day 18 here, and my approach has been to decide what sounds good, then make it whole30 compliant.  This way, I'm satisfying my tastes but staying the course.  I am aware planning in advance helps others, and I would say I plan to the degree that I buy a week's worth of groceries, but all of those may morph into countless incarnations, depending on what sounds good to me.  This has worked well for me, and I always look forward to spicing something differently, replicating a Thai curry from my fave local place, savoring meatloaf meatballs with root veggie/cauli mash that all remind me of dinner at my grandma's.  

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I can definitely relate. On my latest attempt at Whole30, I struggled with appetite the entire time! So you're definitely not alone! But hang in there! It's worth it! 

Sometimes, just finding a new recipe author (or trying something new in general) can help. So here's my very favorite Paleo blogger, who has a section on her site dedicated to Whole30. Here is her website: https://www.paleorunningmomma.com/diet/whole30-diet/.

And here are some of my favorite recipes: 

I also LOVE Mel Joulwan (author of the Well Fed cookbook series). Here are some of my favorites from her: 

I wish you the very best! 

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