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Renée's second Whole30


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After a not so bad (but not great either, damn you chocolate desserts) Christmas time, I've started today my second W30. If you want to see my log from my first W30, it's over there: http://forum.whole9l...e-sugar-dragon/

Ok, so let's just go over some background stuff. I did my first Whole30 in november and it actually turned out to be a Whole45. It was great. I felt great (my results are here: http://forum.whole9l...-action-report/) and theeeeen... Christmas. I was already planning on doing a second W30 in January though, so don't take this as me saying "I ate all the bread and the cake and now I gained everything back". I didn't eat all the bread, but I did eat some cake, and various desserts, including wannabe cakepops covered in red and green sugar. But in my defense, I think I've managed to stay away from the bread. Anyway, here we are 2 weeks after and 4 pounds heavier, ready for a KICKASS Whole30.

Yesterday, bf and I did some preparation:

  • We cleaned the pantry and fridge of everything not approved (threw some stuff, hid some, you get the idea)
  • Popped a pork shoulder roast in slow cooker
  • Made some mayo and balsamic vinaigrette
  • Wrote our goals
  • Enjoyed one last pizza, poutine and onion rings. Threw away leftovers. Yeah we ate pizza. Not especially proud but considering that from Nov. 1st to Feb 2nd I will have eaten less processed food than most people eat in two weeks, I don't feel too bad about it.
  • Bottled Kombucha for 2nd fermentation
  • Thawed some local grass-fed free-range organic ground beef. Oh by the way, all my meat is organic, grass-fed (for the beef and maybe pork? I've never asked), free-range and local. I strongly believe that the bestway to vote is with your money.

So, today is the first day of my greatest W30 yet! Here's what made it to my stomach:

b: bacon, merguez sausage, homemade sauerkraut, green bell pepper with homemade mayo with some spices (salt, garlic, dried chives, onion powder and parsley)

l: pork shoulder roast, steamed brocoli, clarified butter, caramelized onions (in bacon fat, duh!).

d: Practical Paleo's beef stir-fry. I made mine with ground beef. Veggies were: orange bell pepper, kale, onions and brocoli. Very yum!!

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On to day 4 already! I love that my second W30 is going pretty smoothly. Last few days went pretty well. Inspired by another member who's doing the program along with her husband (can't remember her name), my boyfriend and I started doing a "Restaurant Date Night", where we cook a 3-course meal 100% W30. We also decided to do a weekly dinner with our friend who started her Whole30 today. The two dinner nights should keep things interesting!

Ok, so here's what I ate the past few days:

Day 2

b: bacon, merguez sausage, grapefruit

l: beef stir-fry left over

d: (Restaurant Date Night) First course: broiled zucchinis. Second Course: Salad with grape tomatoes and homemade Caesar dressing. Main course: Practical Paleo's Cumin Spiced Pork Tenderloins with Root Vegetables. Pretty awesome meal!

Day 3

b: two sliced of bacon, grape tomatoes (small breakfast, but I was in a hurry)

Then I got a haircut (appointment at 9), then got back to bed. Woke up at 1PM (I was tired and battleing the last few days of a cold). didn't eat lunch... I did snack on Kale Chips.

d: Dinner was another 3-course, this time with our friend who's also doing W30. First course was: Practical Paleo's Crispy Curried Sweet Potato Coins. Second course: Salad with grape tomatoes, cucumbers, bacon and Caesar dressing. Main course: Tuna and salmon with PaleOMG's Simple Herb Crusted Salmon recipe.

Annnnd today I woke up at noon, so I'm probably going to eat two meals.

b/l: Bacon, breakfast sausage, grapefruit, handful of grape tomatoes, leftover broiled zucchinis.

d: Dinner was Practical Paleo's Mustard Galzed Chicken (didn't have thighs, so we used boneless skinless breasts, with extra bacon fat, to make up for the boringness of boneless skinless chicken breasts) paired with Practical Paleo's Mashed Faux-Tatoes. Both were delicious! And apparently, one of our cat also like the chicken, as some of the leftovers were missing...

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Day 5

Ugh, sleep was not great yesterday. Boyfriend had trouble falling asleep and tossed and turned, which kept me awake. I woke up tired :(

b: 1 slice of bacon, 1 breakfast sausage, 1 carrot, big handful of grape tomatoes.

Four hours after my breakfast I realize it wasn't enough. I am HUNGRY and didn't bring any snack. So I'm drinking water and herbal tea.

l: Piece of leftover Herb Crusted Tuna, piece of leftover Mustard Glazed Chicken. Steamed broccoli and carrot with lots of clarified butter.

d: Probably Practical Paleo's Thanksgiving Stuffing Meatballs. I'm thinking of substituing honey with a date for the cranberry sauce. I'll tell you how it turns out!

Hot Yoga at 7:30PM

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Oh no, not having a snack hidden in your pocket is the worst.

It sucks when I haven't eaten enough, but today I did 2 slices of bacon + butter with steamed veggies and I feel much better! Snack are super useful when you need them, but I don't want to rely on them. There's plenty extra energy stored in my body, believe me!

Yesterday's dinner was delicious! We had the Thanksgiving Pork Meatlballs, along with Mashed Faux-tatoes (yeah, again. Sooo good!). Unfortunately, I had trouble not snacking on dates while the dinner was cooking :unsure:

Day 6

Wow almost a week through! I thought that my first Whole30 went by fast, but this one is super fast! This morning I demonstrated a lack of discipline as I let 5 or 6 dates make their way to my mouth. Therefore, I've decided that dates need to be hidden on the top shelf (aka the Forbidden Shelf), unless they're in a recipe. So no snacking on dates. It's so easy to eat 60+g of carbs with these little suckers.

b: 5-6 dates. Not that I planned on eating so many, I just couldn't stop at 2... Also, 2 slices of bacon, 1 breakfast sausage, steamed broccoli and carrots with clarified butter.

l: (leftovers) Thanksgiving Stuffing Meatballs + Cranberry Sauce + Steamed broccoli and carrots with butter

d: Pork chops with salsa and olives. Romaine lettuce + spinach + bell pepper salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

Later that night, I also snacked on fruit (grapefruit and cranberries). I really need to get this snacking thing undercontrol, especially when I'm not even hungry...

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Day 7

Almost a week! So far I'm pretty good with my goals: I'm cooking many recipes from Practical Paleo, I'm getting at least 7 hours of sleep per day (at least, I try, lately I need more time to fall asleep...), I'm doing yoga 3x/week. Now I just need to get snacking under control.

b: small handfull of dried cranberries, 1 slice of bacon, 2 breakfast sausages, some sauerkraut. I wanter to eat grilled veggies but didn't have time.

l: beef steak, slice of bacon (which was originaly around the steak, but I cooked them separately), grilled root vegetables (sweet potato, parsnips, onion) seasoned with salt and cumin.

d: Practical Paleo's stuffed bell peppers

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Week 1 status: COMPLETED!

Ok, so this is where I look back on what went right and what went wrong on week one. Let's start with the positives: I went to bed at least 7 hours before my wakeup time. I only ate compliant food, I tried new recipes from Practical Paleo. I managed to stay away from fruit-based breakfast and I attended hot yoga twice (3x/week is what I normally do, but since I'm visiting my parents this weekend, I can only do 2 classes).

What I need to improve during week 2: No snacking of compliant food (dates, dried cranberries). I also want to go to bed earlier and try to get 8hrs of sleep per night. I'll need to shut down my computer and turn off the tv probably 20 minutes before I go to bed.

Day 8

b: two slices of bacon, two scrambled eggs, handful of blueberries. No veggies...

l: ground beef leftover from Stuffed Pepper. Leftover roasted root vegetables.

d: Tonight is Restaurant Date Night with my boyfriend! Our three-course dinner will be: Broccoli and Parsnip Crème, Endive Apple Salad and Caramelized Italian Pork Chops with Sweet Onion Jam

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Ok, so I have day 9, 10, 11 and 12 (today) to catch up on. Can't promise my memory will be 100% reliable but I'll try! I spend the weekend over at my mom's, who's also paleo (about 80/20), so meals weren't too hard since she knows what I can't have.

Day 9

b: probably something like bacon, eggs and fruits. Maybe a breakfast sausage instead of the eggs? Not too sure...

l: Salmon salad with olives, cucumber, tomato, lemon juice. Left over Endive and Apple Salad

d: Mom's leftover chicken with onions and mango.

Day 10

b: I actually woke up at 1:30 PM that day. Yeah, I guess I had a lot of sleep to catch up...!! So I only ate two meals. First was chicken leftovers again with some grape tomatoes.

d: My mom, her bf and I went out to a restaurant for my mom's birthday. I got a grilled salmon and veggies cooked in olive oil instead of butter. I'm not 100% sure this was respected, but I felt fine after (and I know dairy only affects me when I've eaten gluten not too long before or after)

s: I also ate 2 fruits bars during the day (ingredients are only fruits. This is good because it's compliant, but it's also not good because it's a lot of sugar...). I know it's not the best snack choice...

Day 11

b: 2-egg omelette with mushrooms, olives and tomato. Sides of raw cucumber and grape tomatoes

d: Well Fed's Czech Meatballs with steamed green beans (with clarified butter!), fruit bar.

Day 12

b: 2 slices of bacon, 2 eggs, fruits

l: Czech meatballs left over with roasted carrots, parsnips and sweet potato.

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Oops, another three days without logging my food... I'm not too good with this. Ok, let's see if I can remember some stuff. Let's test my memory...

Day 13

b: half a grapefruit that wasn't ripe enough. Wasn't even bitter. I probably also had one or two slices of bacon, and one or two eggs.

l: heh... Lunch is a tough one... I think I had slow cooker pork with apple, cranberries and onions. Ooooooooooooh no, wait! that's day 14 lunch! On day 13 I had Czech meatballs leftover with vegetables that I forgot. Probably also a fruit bar. Or i might have had the fruit bar as a snack at around 10.

d: ???

Day 14

b: two scrambled eggs, one slice of bacon, probably also a fruit bar. I'm pretty sure I didn't have any veggies

l: slow cooker pork with apples, cranberries and onions. It sounds good but it was actually "meh". The thing with slow cooker is that after 8 hours, apples don't taste - or look - like apples. I think I also had half an orange bell pepper with homemade caesar sauce

d: ground beef with veggies in tomato sauce + additional veggies.

Oh, and I ate dates. about 7 of them :unsure:. But the not-so-worst thing is I only bought what I ate (about 40 cents if you need to know), so there was not any left for me to eat the day after

Which makes today...

Day 15!!!

Ohhhhhhhhh we're halfway thereeee. Alright, enough with that.

b: two slices of bacon, one egg, fruit bar.

l: slow cooker improvised pork with tomatoes

d: interior round steak with mushroom sauce from Primal Blueprint's Healthy Sauces

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Alright, I'll try to be more diligent with my meal logs. I am proud to say that today's breakfast was pretty awesome. Here's how it went:

Day 16

b: half avocado in the form of guac (with onion, lemon juice and salt), garlic&rosemary organic sausage, 1 slice of (organic, free-range) bacon, couple of olives. I think I did pretty good! No fruits in this breakfast (ok, technically avocado is a fruit, but for nutrition purposes, I consider it a vegetable).

l: Other half of avocado, still in the form of guac, leftover steak with mushroom sauce, tomato.

d: Tonight is Restaurant Date Night with the boyfriend! We haven't decided all three courses, but we know we're having duck breast using this recipe: http://paleospirit.c...e-orange-sauce/

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I honestly think Friday's Restaurant Date Night was the best menu we had so far! So first course was this Roasted Bell Pepper Soup (I didn't use beans, replaced canned chicken broth with homemade chicken bone broth, and added some canned tomatoes as well). Second course was a simple salad (aragula, tomato, cucumber and bell pepper) with this Balsamic vinaigrette and main course was Duck breast (Fantastic recipe! Though next time we won't use as much Chipotle spices. It was pretty hot!!)

Saturday was day 17, and that also went well! I woke up at noon, so I ate two full meal, and one snack in between.

b: avocado/guac, garlic and thyme sausage, some leftover duck

s: dried fruits, nuts

d: We had my boyfriend's parents and cousin over (they're also doing a Whole30) and we had a great meal! My bf's parents brought a citrus salad (mixed greens, orange, cucumbers, pecans with the balsamic vinaigrette we had made the day before). My bf's cousin brought coconut shrimps (for the sauce, we mixed the sauce we had made for the duck with some mayo). And we made Well Fed's Fried Rice with chicken breast. Everything was great!!

And today (day 18):

b: dried fruits with one slice of bacon and a breakfast sausage

too much snacking of dried fruits and nuts.

d: Practial Paleo's Chicken Wings (only with spice seasoning) + Practical Paleo's Aioli (omg this is sooooooo good!). Roasted root vegetables (sweet potato, parsnips, celeriac), nectarine.

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I log my veggies most of the time, but somedays I forget and just post the main meal. I'll admit that I don't eat enough veggies at breakfast, but at lunch and dinner I usually eat 2 portions of vegetables. Often, my veggies are "included" in the meal, eg: fried rice was made with cauliflower, broccoli, bell peppers and celeri, but I just wrote "fried rice".

Here's today's food so far (day 19):

b: half grapefruit + breakfast sausage + 2 slices of bacon + small handful of cranberries.

l: leftover Chicken Fried Rice (cauliflower, broccoli, celeri, bell peppers). Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention to how much chicken I was putting in my lunch this morning. I just found out I have 2 bite-sized pieces :wacko: . The rice did have scrambled eggs. Hopefully I won't be too hungry too fast. Also ate a nectarine.

d: Bunless burgers: ground beef, sautéed onions (in bacon fat), guac (avocado + salsa + tomato + onion + lime juice and seasoning), sliced tomato, homemade mayo and mustard.

I feel like snacking has once again gone out of control. It's not that I binge, I just graze on technically compliant foods (read: dried fruits). I find I snack more during the weekends, or at night, when I'm bored at home. I'm ok at work, mostly because I don't bring any snack. But when I have easy access to dried fruits (cranberries, dates), I eat them. I'll try to focus of breaking that habit in my last few days of Whole30. I'm already 2/3 through, but I feel I'll need more time to work on that snacking thing. I can't really extend my Whole30 (some events coming up) but I will stay compliant at home (although maybe less strict on alcohol and some sugar, like in organic ketchup), and really focus on eating only when I'm actually hungry.

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Day 20

b: handful of dried cranberries, 2 breakfast sausages, roasted sweet potato and parsnip, a bit of sauerkraut.

l: left over bunless burgers, sautéed onions, homemade mayo, bell pepper.

Pre-hot yoga: I don't normally eat a pre-workout snack before Hot yoga, but today my class is at 6 and I get home at 5. Meaning not enough time for proper meal, but I will be hungry! So I ate a piece of Practical Paleo's Swirly Crustless Quiche with some sweet potato slices fried in lard.

d: Practical Paleo's Mustard Glazed Chicken Thighs (I slightly modified the recipe and used 50% coconut oil and 50% coconut butter). As delicious as the original recipe (with just coconut oil). The skin was perfectly crispy and very tasty! I also had a simple aragula salad with a tomato and a stone-ground mustard-balsamic vinaigrette sauce.

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Day 21

Ugh, time for grocery shopping! I noticed a little too late this morning that I barely have any vegetables left. Here's what's on my grocery list: dried cranberries, cashews, garlic (I tried Practical Paleo's Aioli and I'm HOOKED! Must buy garlic for the very purpose of making more!!), Napa cabbage, Daikon radish, carrots, apples, fresh ginger (those 5 ingredients are for a Kimchi recipe I want to try), broccoli, tomatoes, kale, bell peppers, some greens (aragula, spinach, lettuce, etc.)

b: poached egg, half avocado, canned pears, coconut milk, coconut flakes, sliced almonds

l: Mustard Glazed Chicken Thighs leftover. This dish is definitely not as good in the microwave... The formerly crispy skin got all mushy... Of well, it was still good! Also ate a kiwi. Unfortunately, no veggies... All I have left at home was some zucchinis and I didn't have time to cook them, or make a dip... Hopefully I'll eat twice as much veggies tonight to make it up!

d: Ground Pork in Endive Boats, big salad with mixed greens and spinach, tomato and red belle pepper, topped with a blasamic vinaigrette; small nectarine; 3 figs

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I didn't end up making Kim Chi. I still have a jar of Sauerkraut and I figured it was too similar to have both at the same time. Thoughts? Anyway, I was pretty proud of my shopping cart: full of fresh veggies, some fruits and nuts... Yay!

Oh! And I just bought one of those: http://www.ebay.ca/i...984.m1497.l2649 Can't wait to receive it and make zucchini noodles like there is no tomorrow!

Day 22

I have a good feeling about today. Breakfast was good (though not quit enough protein), lunch will be great, and dinner is not yet determined. I also have a hot yoga class at 7:30

b: half grapefruit, small handful of dried cranberries, bowl of Ham Hock Soup

l: Ground Pork leftover, mayo+mustard, salad (mixed greens, spinach, red bell pepper, tomato) dressed with balsamic vinaigrette

d: Delicious Filet Mignon with Simple Mushroom Sauce (from Primal Blueprint's Healthy Sauces book). Mixed greens and spinach with tomato, dried cranberries and pine nuts salad, topped with balsamic vinaigrette. and KOMBUCHA!!

YAY! I successfully made my very first fizzy kombucha batch (not my first batch, but the previous ones never build up fizz). First fermentation lasted 14 days, then removed the kombucha, transfered to a bottle and added ginger pieces. I put the screw cap back on tight, and second fermentation for 6 days

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What a cool fun tool - I have not seen one of those...

Kim Chi and sauerkraut are similar and both last forever in the fridge.... when the mood strikes you, it will get done.

Thanks for the coconut butter suggestion, I have not had it :) (yet)

Carry on, you are doing so well!

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Day 23

Started off the day like a queen! Sleep was not great though, because my boyfriend takes FOREVER to go to sleep. Yesterday, he tossed and turned for 1 ½ hour, before transfering to the guest's room because I couldn't sleep with him moving around so much. So even though I was in bed at 10:30, I didn't fall alseep until midnight :( I'll need to find stuff to improve his sleep (and improve mine!) So I woke up tired and a bit angry that I couldn't get more sleep... but then I had breakfast and everything got better.

b: Ham Hock Soup (because it's made with chicken and beef bone broth, the soup gelled in the fridge. I'll call this a success!) + piece of Practial Paleo's Crustless Quiche topped with salsa (I'll admit I don't love this recipe. Not Diane's fault though! I'm just not a fan of baked eggs) + small handfull cranberries + half grapefruit.

l: I went grocery shopping after work (I finish at 12) and saw a banana-coconut-sesame snack. Decided to try it since the only ingredients were: banana, organic coconut, sesame seeds and coffee. OMG was that good! So I ate maybe a little too much of these on my way back home, and decided to try to duplicate the recipe, using less sesame seeds, and more of the good nuts (macadamia, cashews and hazelnuts). It'll need some adjustments but it's not that bad!

Actual lunch was: whole red bell pepper, carrot, a bit of zucchini with a mayo-based ranch dressing, with Ham Hock soup.

d: Today was restaurant date night! Soup was a creamy sundried tomato soup, salad was this delicious Avocado Mango Broccoli Salad (using only one mango instead of two), and main course was Well Fed's Pad Thai

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Hey Bren! I haven't posted much this week, been quite busy, but W30 compliant!

Weekend was not especially great however, and was filled with a little too much apple-juice-sweetened dried cranberries. Damn these puppies are good. For that exact reason, I've decided not to buy them anymore, at least until my Whole30 is over. Snacking on dried cranberries is still much healthier than snacking on potato chips or cookies, but it's still a lot of (natural) sugar I'm eating when I'm not even that hungry. The week was better, though! Even if I can't remember exactly what I've eaten, I know most breakfasts consisted of: veggies (especially bell peppers), pork sausages, bacon, eggs, ham hock soup, guacamole (2-3 items per breakfast, not everything at once!)

For lunch, I had some spaghetti squash with ground beef tomato sauce once, slowcooker beef cubes, chicken with roasted onions and carrots (that's today!)

And dinners were pretty much same as lunch (lunches are usually dinner leftovers).

No more dried fruits at the appartment, but we do have canned pinapple (glass jar actually, so no BPA), which I enjoy, and find it easier to eat just a few chunks (unlike dried cranberries). I've also included some fruits at breakfast or lunch, like blackberries and plums.

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