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Knee and joint pain

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Hello Whole30 fam. 

This is my first whole30. During week 2, on day 10 specifically, I started to experience pain in my left knee. Two days later the pain was in both knees (by day 12). The pain has not subsided, although better on some days, and I am currently on day 22. to better explain the pain, it is in the knee joint and just above the knee. It hurts to the touch and when I lay down, but walking and mobility and standing are all more comfortable positions. I have never had knee problems and have maintained an active lifestyle, working as an electrician and taking 3-4 metabolic conditioning (metcon) at my gym per week. This pain has caused me to take some time off from the gym to try to heal a bit (sad). The only other joint pain I experienced was in both my hands, which lasted at most 3 days, which occurred at about day 15. I do not take any medications, or have any medical conditions. However, to try to help with this I have started taking MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane, Jarrow brand) and Bromelain (Solaray brand). I continue to take tumeric and magnesium, which I've maintained for the past year or so. I am alternating ice and heat as well. 

Can anyone offer any idea of why this is happening, and especially taking so long to recover? Anyone experience anything similar? Open to any and all ideas and feedback. 

Thank you! - JohnKnee C :(

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Hi JohnnyC,

  This is not a commonly reported issue on the Whole30, and I would definitely make an appointment to consult with your doctor about your pain.

  That being said, if you can tell us, meal by meal, your food and drink intake for the last 3 days, we may be able to make suggestions. Bone broth is always good for joints due to the collagen.  But I would definitely see the doctor on this one.



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