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Day 19, R6 ... each step I take moves me forward.


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Today is Day 19 on my 6th reset in a little over 2 years.  I feel great!  I've really had no cravings or digestion/body issues that I can attribute directly to the reset.  Sleeping has been off, but I work 12 hour nightshifts with overtime every week, and I think that has been my problem.  I'm reluctant to miss out on daylight as our days get shorter here in the northeast.

I'm careful to pay attention to the Whole30 Meal Template for each meal, and I very rarely snack.  I see that lots of people are allowing snacks in their resets, and I see a lot about Larabars, or a healthy nut butter on apple wedges, but my ultimate goal is to break a lifelong habit of snacking and craving things like candy bars, mixed chocolate/nuts and pastry treats.  So no Larabars or nut butters on apples for me, and I try to make sure that I'm completely satisfied at each meal, rather than holding off and having a snack somewhere in between.  I keep a Chomps Meat Stick with me, should I ever be tempted by treats available in my surroundings.  For if I am that driven to eat something, then I should be able to get the satisfaction I need from the meat stick, which though tasty enough, has never been my go-to snack or source of craving.  This is a good measuring stick for me to determine if I'm really hungry, or just craving.

I have a pretty good handle on this while doing a reset.  I'm out of control still, when not doing a reset, so that tells me that I'm only part way on my journey to Food Freedom Forever.  That's ok.  Every step is a step forward towards something I really want for myself.  I'm ok with accepting that each step is necessary in order to get there.

I'm keeping track of the days to the 30 mark on this round, but intend to continue through to Nov. 1st, which means that as of today, I actually have another 30 days to go.  In fact, I might go to Nov. 2nd just to give it a round number of 50 days total rather than 49. 

: - )

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