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Day One - October 1


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Hello all,

I've chosen today as day one, but this isn't my first whole 30.  I have completed two in the past two years, and each time, I loved the way I felt, vowed to make lifelong changes, and then veered right back to old, bad habits.  

So, this time around, I'm not looking at it as a whole 30, but instead the first day of a commitment to changing my relationship with food forever.  I have been especially troubled by anxiety and brain fog in this past year.  

I'd like to use this forum to create accountability for myself and to see if there are others out there who are like me.  I must admit I'm feeling a bit sad today...back to square one, in a way.  I'm hopeful and believe wholeheartedly that if I follow the program and implement clean eating as a lifelong habit that I can begin to feel better, more vibrant and fully alive.  

Anyway, with that, day one has gone smoothly...and I'm getting ready to go and heat up some Kalua pork I made yesterday for dinner.  

Thanks for listening,

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