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Emily's Whole30 Log!!


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Day 15 Log:

How can I be nearly halfway through this!? And 100% compliant?! Wow! My clothes fit slightly differently, but not a huge change. I think the biggest change is my sleep and my food cravings. I am sleeping like a dead person and only waking up for an alarm and I don't think about carby/sugary foods all day. Not really at all! I sometimes think of how good they would taste, but I don't actually want them.

Breakfast: 4 small eggs with 4 mushrooms, 1/2 an onion and 1 turkey andouille sausage (I LOVE these things!)

Lunch: 6c baby spinach with 2tbsp of oil/vinegar, 1 tin of sardines and 1 small apple

Dinner: Whole30-ified Chicken Tikka Masala (with Kale, Mushrooms, Onions, Spices, Chicken and Coconut Milk) and maybe a side of veggies

In other news: I got up easily this morning after sleeping like a rock. It is crazy how much better my sleep is when I eat the best quality food and not just compliant restaurant food like I did this past weekend. I slept like crazy! I feel positive and calm (two things I am usually NOT!) and I feel ready to go with the flow. After work today is a workout (arm day, ouch!) and I am looking forward to seeing how much recovery goes since I have very little arm muscle :P

After the Whole30 I think I am going to continue eating this way for 90+% of the time. I may have a bite here and there of something my OH is having and I want to try making Coconut Milk Ice Cream in the ice cream maker with just Coconut Milk and either vanilla bean, cocoa powder, or fruit but that is it! I don't want cookies, I don't want dairy, I don't want bread. I know I feel healthy and good when I eat this way so no experimentation necessary. And I will probably continue to limit nuts, and continue to limit the scale (but we will see!)

Also- when this is over, I will likely go back to logging my calories, but not allowing it to dictate my eating, just so I can see, because I am interested! But who knows, I am tempted to at least do a Whole50 or 60!

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Day 16 Log:

Breakfast: 2 Eggs, 1 turkey andouille sausage, 2c spinach, 1c broccoli, 1/4c onion with some coffee mixed with coconut milk (normally wouldn't do this but I NEED to get my digestive system moving)

Lunch: Leftover Chicken Tikka Masala

Dinner: 2 compliant Bratwurst, Plenty of Bubbie's Sauerkraut, Mustard, and a side of veggies (broccoli, brussels, or haricots verts)

I have a suspicion that I may need to go on the AIP. I seem to bloat up and get all kinds of constipated when I have eggs, nuts, and tomato based foods. At the moment, I know I am getting smaller BUT my belly is so distended and my fingers are fat from bloat. As of now, I am tentatively planning on doubling up my Whole30 with the AIP Whole30 until March 1st. Need to get my digestive system under control! I am suspecting eating the eggs is causing some distress. AND AND whenever I eat tomato based meals, I cannot sleep very well that night...hmmm. In other news, I wake up energized, my skin looks amazing, and I am getting closer to skinny jeans. My workout recovery is amazing and I am virtually never hungry.

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This is really good news, that you have narrowed it down to 3 potential offenders. If you try AIP and you have relief of these symptoms...that would be wonderful and your body could heal.

Are you starting AIP now? then going for 30 days on that?

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Day 17 Log:

Breakfast: 1 smallish sweet potato, 1 turkey andouille sausage, 1.5c broccoli

Lunch: 4-5c baby spinach with balsamic with 1 bratwurst (leftover from last night)

Post Workout: 4 carrots and 1 tin of sardines in oil

Dinner: 1 Salmon Filet (about 5oz), and Garlicky Kale/Haricots Verts

So I am trying the no eggs, no nuts, no nightshades for a whole to see if I can resolve this!! Also- coffee is WONDERFUL with coconut milk, in fact, I absolutely adore coconut milk and may add it into my Post-Lifting routine with a little protein because I love it so much. But, coffee is going to be reserved for special occasions because it can aggravate my skin sometimes. I feel positive and so excited about working out, something I have never really felt before. I am doing to Body FOR Life program and I can't wait to see results. Workout recovery is amazing. I slept pretty well last night. Its crazy, now that I am not letting the scale dictate my mood, my outlook is SO much more positive, it is really refreshing. I am able to be present more now, to be loving and willing to accept love from my OH. I truly love eating this way. I seem to have better coping skills too now, I am better with stress. So excited to continue this Whole30!! I would really love to know how much I weigh though!!

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Day 18 Whole 30 Log:

Today was arm day! Ouch!

Breakfast: 1 Tin of Sardines, 4-5 c of Baby Spinach with Balsamic

Lunch: Salad Greens, Grilled Chicken, Oil/Vinegar

Dinner: 1 Pork Chop with .75c Sauteed Red Kale, 1.5c Broccoli and 1.5c Haricots Verts

I probably sound like a broken record but I just want to see changes in my body. I KNOW I am sleeping differently, I KNOW I have a different relationship with food, I KNOW I like eating this way, but I also know that I want to shed a little fat, and it is causing me a tremendous amount of anxiety to not know how much I weigh. I am so glad I began lifting weights, and adding back in 2-3 days of the elliptical, but I am still so anxious. I am paranoid that I am going to get on the scale at the end of this and it will have gone up or stayed the same, because what will i do then? I think all of this is the fact that I am nervous for the whole30 to end. It is Day 18 and it has flown by so far. All in all, I feel good, more positive about my life as a whole, and am more outwardly calm, cool, collected and confident. I feel much more capable, but these leftover thoughts from my eating disorder are ruining my good vibes!

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Day 19 Log:

Breakfast: Slim pickins at my house for breakfast, 3 eggs, 1c mushrooms, 1/3c onions, 1c baby spinach, coffee with 1/8c coconut milk

Lunch: 1/4c coconut butter, Chicken Livers, Carrots

Dinner: Beef Stew with sweet potato, onions and kale

Workout: about 2-3 hrs of walking

I feel good today, happy and positive

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I feel much more capable, but these leftover thoughts from my eating disorder are ruining my good vibes!

Have you even taken a yoga class? They tell you to recognize when a thought floats into your mind, and then just let it go. Just because it pops into your head doesn't mean you have to hold onto it or dwell on it. You may need to acknowledge those thoughts several times and hour and choose to just let it go! You are making BIG changes and it takes a while.

Be gentle, think positive. You can do it.

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ORBren- I haven't taken a yoga class other than Bikram! Which wasn't so into acknowledment of thoughts and more into getting the heck through 90 minutes of hell!! That is a great idea though, thank you! I would love to look into taking yoga classes!

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Day 19 Log:

Breakfast: 1/2 a sweet potato, 1/4onion, 1/2c mushrooms, 2c spinach, 2 turkey hot dogs

Lunch: Sauteed asparagus, green beans, and mushrooms with a grass fed beef patty

Snack: Too much coconut butter! (probably 1/2-1/4c)

Dinner: Chicken Livers with Veggies

Workout: 45min snow hiking, 2 hours walking in the city (fun!)

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Day 21:

Monday again! Wow, I cannot believe that there is just slightly more than a week left! I'm not ready to be done!

Breakfast: 2 Turkey Hot Dogs, 1 Small Apple, 1.5 carrots, 2 stalks of celery

Lunch: 6oz grilled chicken, Guacamole, 2c steamed veggies (zucchini, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower)

Snack: Perhaps some coconut butter if I feel I need a snack.

Dinner: Crockpot Pulled Pork, Haricots Verts, Broccoli, (maybe a sweet Potato, maybe Butternut)

Workout: 20 min HIIT on the Elliptical.

In other news: My Whole30 will almost certainly extend past 30 days. It is highly likely that I will go for a Whole50 or Whole75, depending on how life goes. I really don't feel deprived or unhappy, or even socially isolated by the way I am eating so I see no reason to stop. I would like to continue this until I feel like I don't need the scale or calorie couning, until I have working out my GI problems, and mostly until I can be at peace with my body. I feel so positive eating this way and I am thriving on the rules. Rules are something I love and are super easy for me to follow because it is so black and white. This is definitely helping me be more forgiving to my body and I know that when I am bloated, it is because I had a lot of fiber, or TOM, and am not getting fat. I am able to see the good things in the mirror instead of the bad number on the scale. I feel so lucky to be able to do a Whole30 with the support of my family and friends. My OH had said numerous times that he is so proud of me and that feels good. He sees that I am happier and our relationship is better when I don't focus on the scale and only focus on eating healthily and nourishing my body. Even when I am tired I am able to function and I am able to do strenuous workouts without dreading them or feeling resentful or quitting. Yay!!

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Day 22:

Today is not going to be perfect. I became ill overnight with a terrible pain in my stomach that got worse and worse to the point where it hurt to breathe. I took a laxative which helped some but I am still terribly bloated and painful. I am starting to think that I may have a FODMAP issue, since speaking with my doctor who has diagnosed me with IBS-C, she believes I should be going on a FODMAP elimination diet. I have ordered some of the NOW Foods Super Enzymes and I am going to cut out high FODMAP foods for the remainder of my whole-whatever. This way of eating will continue until I stabilize my digestion, period. I am not going to throw any more factors into the mix, I am only going to remove factors until this is solved. The only added thing will be enzymes but I will be removing caffeine, FODMAPS, eggs, nuts (which has already been done), and stress since I know that has an effect on digestion.

Breakfast: In a great deal of pain so just some coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: 4-5oz of leftover pulled pork with 1c of roasted butternut squash

Dinner: Salmon Filet with Baby Spinach and Olive Oil.

I am thoroughly disappointed right now. I feel so wonderful on the Whole30 with the exception of my digestion which seems to have just cropped up recently. I feel energetic, rested, clear-headed and so positive. My relationship is better, my work ethic is better, my hair/skin/nails are better. I am feeling positive about my body for the first time in, quite literally, years. I feel like I am in control, but just can't get this bloat/constipation/pain under control. It is maddening. But I know that I can continue on this however long I need to, until I figure out a solution. I have made an appointment for acupuncture and am trying to exhaust every natural remedy before turning to western medicine, which has failed me in the past. Oh well! Plugging along!

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Day 23 Log:

Feeling more positive today. Hoping I feel better (which I already do) and that eliminating FODMAPS will help. I still really believe in the Whole30 and my body IS changing. Bear with me though: I woke up today feeling like my stomach was unsettled and am playing it by ear, but not necessarily able to eat the whole 'meal template'

Breakfast: 1 tin of smoked sardines with mustard.

Lunch: 4-5oz of roasted chicken breast with salad greens, cucumber, and a banana.

Dinner: 3 Grass Fed Beef Hot Dogs with Sauteed String Beans and half a grapefruit

Snack: 1/2 a sweet potato and 1 turkey andouille sausage

Workout: Leg Day (20 min or so, I didn't feel challenged, but am seeing inches lost in my legs so...?)

In other news: I feel okay. Tired and somewhat beaten down, because of some life circumstances, but also feel determined and firm in my 'person' and where/who I am.

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Day 24 Log:

This has flown by, really flown. I am surprised at how easy it is right now, just second nature to eat right

Breakfast: 1 Grass Feed Beef Hot Dog, 1 Turkey Andouille Sausage, ~2cups of Haricots Verts, Half a Grapefruit

Lunch: 6c baby spinach with balsamic, 1 tin of sardines in oil, half a grapefruit

Snack: 1 Kombucha, some yuca, plantain and mashed butternut

Dinner: Moose Stew with moose meat, red kale, sweet potato and something....maybe some coconut oil or some olives

Workout: Arm Day and I am feelin it!!

In other news:

Tonight is my last J-Term class, which means that starting next week, I will be home more, sleeping more, stressing less, and generally in a better place. Thank goodness. It has been a crazy January. But well worth it. I feel 10x better without FODMAPS, nuts, eggs or nightshades, truly so much better. My bloat is GONE!! I feel energetic and positive. I have noticed that caffeine gives me more of a temper so need to avoid it but otherwise, I am going to continue to eat this way even past W30 (I know I've said that before!!) but just reiterating.Today, Thursday, is going to be a long but good day that I feel ready and fueled for my day.

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Thanks so much ORBren! I am getting there!

Day 25 Log:

Meal 1: Leftover Moose Stew

Meal 2: Some pineapple, 1/2 can of Olives, Arugula Salad with Balsamic and 1 Can of Tuna

Meal 3: Compliant Meatloaf with Cinnamon Coconut Oil Roasted Butternut and Sauteed Zucchini

Workout: Leg Day (was SO awesome! Am really seeing improvements)

In other news: I am learning to appreciate myself, and aspects of myself outside of my weight and body. I have realized that I can be someone of value for reasons other than my looks and that it is okay to like myself. This is huge for me, and a real breakthrough. It is SO freeing to not be subject to the puppet-mastery of the scale and for that, I am so grateful. I am grateful for Dallas and Melissa, and the Whole9 team for helping me to take the first steps to becoming a whole person, who is not just an empty shell with pretty outsides and ugly insides, but someone who can be valued because of who I am, and have a bonus be that I look nice. Today I feel positive and happy. I know I have a long way to go with some aspects of my personal life, and that is okay, because the foundation of happiness and progress starts within the self. I am happy and excited about the things to come, and am in no way ready to be done eating so cleanly. This is really and truly life-changing and I wish my SO could have done it with me. Maybe another time.

One more thing: I had the WEIRDEST dream last night about eating a bowl of oat bran with mangoes in it, and then after eating it, felt guilty and tried to justify it as W30 compliant, then I woke up, and was so glad I didn't actually eat it!! The first odd thing being is that I don't miss oat bran in any way. The second being that I NEVER liked putting sweet things into my oat bran, if anything, I would put salt! How odd!

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Day 26 Log:

Breakfast: 1c blueberries, 2 turkey sausages, and 4c arugula salad

Lunch: Zoodles with leftover meatloaf and pesto, some mango, and 4 Brazil nuts

Dinner: Chicken Tikka Masala with kale and more zoodles!!

Snack: Pate and Apple

Workout: Walking, walking, walking and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!!

In other news: I feel eh today. Feel quite fat and unhappy with my body and am trying to be positive. TRYING, but some stress and weather are getting to me

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Day 27 Log:

Breakfast: 2 Grass Fed Beef Hot Dogs, 1.5c Haricots Verts, 1c Leafy Greens Sauteed Together with Some pesto + 1 Banana

Lunch: Leftover Chicken Tikka Masala with Kale

Dinner: Beef Shanks with Sweet Potato and Kale

Workout: Squats and Lunges, Long Slow Walking, 20 min Elliptical

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Day 28 Log:

Breakfast: 2 Grass Fed Hot Dogs, 1c Jicama, 1/4 onion, 1.5c baby spinach, 1 Banana

Lunch: 1 tin of canned salmon, 1tbsp pesto, 2 zucchini, .5c tikka masala sauce

Snack: 9 brazil nuts + Pineapple

Dinner: Chicken Tikka Masala with Kale

Workout: 40 min elliptical

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Day 29 Log:

Breakfast: 2 Coffees with Coconut Milk, 1 Banana

Lunch: 1 Tin Kippers with Mustard, 1 Apple

Dinner: Leftover Chicken Tikka Masala or Leftover Beef Shanks

Workout: 30 min bike

Please excuse my log for today- I feel very ill and its unlikely that I will eat much.

In other news: I have come to the conclusion that tomorrow will mark the end of my whole 30. I am pretty miserable right now and need to see a doctor. I don't think my digestive system is cut out for this much protein and fat. My abdomen is painfully swollen and distended and I haven't slept. I look awful and I feel that way. This has been an excellent experiment but I think I need to see the naturopath and get some ideas on how to make this better before I can make a commitment to this. I have broken down sobbing several times in the last few days because of how awful and gross I feel and just can't continue on like this. :(

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Day 30 Log:

Wow- I have made it through the entire Whole30. Interesting.

Breakfast: 3 Eggs, 1 Turkey Sausage, 1c spinach

Lunch: Salad with Chicken and a Banana

PWO: Roast Chicken + Apple

Dinner: 1 Can of Tuna with EVOO over Baby Spinach

I feel...apprehensive. I am not sure how happy I am eating this way or how much I like the food. I have sporadically felt better but more often, have felt bloated and constipated. I am continuing my Whole30 until Feb 5th when I see a doctor to see the recommmendation because something isn't working. I am softer and squishier than I have ever been (EVER!) and that isn't ok. It is a sign that something isn't working. I don't feel right. If anything, this has been eye opening to the real depth of my eating disorder.

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Thank you so much for your support Bren!!

Day 31....Its funny because the program is done, yet I am not really ready to make any drastic decisions before I meet with my naturopath on Tuesday so I guess this is going to be a Whole35 or close to it. I'm glad I did it. I will write a post once I weigh and measure this weekend and we will take it from there. I am scared to weigh. I know I am slightly smaller but not sure if weight has shifted. Right now, I am apprehensive and skeptical that eating this much protein agrees with me. I feel grateful for such a program because it is one of a kind. It is wonderful for a lot of people but it might not be for me, and that is okay. I can tell you what I have gleaned: I will never go back to eating processed foods, 99% of what I eat will be homemade from whole, natural foods. No more chemicals. No fast food. I will think very hard and pay a lot of attention to what I eat. However, I will go back to calorie counting, not because it alters how much I eat, I just like the structure of seeing everything I eat and how it breaks down/fills my requirements.

Breakfast: 3 eggs, 1 Turkey Andouille Sausage, 1.5c baby spinach

Lunch: Leftover Moose Stew with Kale/Sweet Potato

Dinner: Salmon with Kale and Sweet Potato

Snack: Banana and Pineapple Chunks

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