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Chik, Hashi, and Another Whole30 Attempt


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Hi Everyone, 

After one successful Whole30 without proper reintroduction in 2014 (I think), I have made two or three other attempts at it and failed. But I can feel myself starting to get sicker. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which is an autoimmune thyroid disease, for those who don't know. My last blood work was in July and my hormones are still in range, but my antibodies are, of course, pretty high. 

My symptoms have been so bad since August:

-FATIGUED... like I could just lay down and fall asleep any second, even when I get a full 8 hours. Which I get most every night. Getting a jump on my day used to be my favorite thing; now I'm dragging myself to get up in the morning. 

-Brain Fog. I can't focus at work lately. I just feel constantly distracted and off. 

-Stomach pain. all the time. KNIVES in my gut. I used to have this symptom much more when I was about 19. But it's back with a vengeance. Along with the belching and most likely acid reflux. 

-ACNE. Seriously! Acne all day every day. I'm about 12 years too old for this!

-Bloat and swollen ankles! I've become the human puffer fish with a constant "food baby"

-Heart skipping a beat. This one scares me a bit. It used to happen when I was a teenager and now it's started up again. 

-Finger nail ridges. I have long nail beds. and they are quite lumpy lately. 

So now that I have had a nice little pity party. I can say it. I am Freakin' Tired of feeling like crappola!!! This is my motivation. It sucks to feel icky all the time. I want to feel healthy and strong again. I'm getting married in a year and I want to feel like my best! Plus, thyroid problems affect fertility and I want to have little mini's running around one day. 

So my 30 starts tomorrow because I'm just fed up! I know it's dumb to start a Whole30 without a few days of pre-planning. But I have a grocery list and a meal plan to get me through Saturday. And I will have an awesome plan for MEAL PREP Sunday. So wish me luck! I can't wait to report some health improvements at the end of this all. 

xoxo Chik


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1 hour ago, Chik0929 said:


I'm a six small meals a day person and I'm craving my mid-morning snack hard today. Trying to drink some water and maybe have some tea through it. 



The transition from six meals to three meals isn't easy but the potential benefits are worth it. For me, it's key that I have enough protein and fat in each meal along with enough vegetables to add bulk. And drinking water definitely helps!

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Day 1: 

Breakfast: 2 Eggs, Onion, bell pepper, spinach, salsa, mixed berries, 1/4c sweet potato, coffee with unsweetened almondmilk

Mid Morning: Green Tea with Vital Proteins Collagen

Lunch: Chicken salad with whole30 approved mayo over a kale and veggies salad

Pre-WO: Avocado deviled egg

Run: Hill Sprints- 5 mile total

Post-WO: Banana

Dinner: Salsa Chicken Breast (crock pot) with roasted sweet potato, bell pepper and onions


Overall: I felt good. a bit hungry between meals 1 and 2.  I need to up the protein with breakfast. I felt strong during my run with no GI issues. I am peeing a lot though. Getting rid of some of that bloat

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Day 2: 

B: Eggs w/ Bell Peppers and Spinach, Mixed blueberries and strawberries, coffee with unsweetened almondmilk

midmorning: Green tea with vital proteins 

L: Leftover Salsa chicken over kale and veggies, avocado and pepitas

Afternoon: Epic Chicken Sriracha bar

Dinner: Cinnamon Slow Cooker Pork over roasted sweet potato and Brussels sprouts w/ smashed avocado


Felt pretty good all day. Making sure to get extra sleep these first few days. But I'm loving this diet change and getting in lots of vegetables!

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On 10/8/2018 at 2:45 PM, Chik0929 said:

Hope you are feeling good. I also have Hashimotos and similar symptoms that have been ongoing. I have one 3 yo boy and would like to have another, but it's a struggle for many reasons. Thanks for your honesty. I'm fighting along with you! We can do it!


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3 hours ago, tnicole said:


Hi @tnicoleand welcome! When you reply to @Chik0929 or another member, just click the "Quote" link at the bottom of her reply. That way, her comment will be in a quote box in your reply and you then add what you want to say outside that quote box. And, that will make sure she knows someone replied to her. :)

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