Raw veg to protein/starch ratio

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I find that I’m often gravitating to cooked veggies with sunflower oil or clarified butter, eggs, fish— wanting to eat all the super dense foods. I’m not always craving raw, fresh veggies and fruits. How much of our meals should consist of raw veg/how often should we consume  fish/eggs/“flesh food” ? I am an actor, so working out vigorously, moving all day and almost never a day off. Any tips?

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The meal template is available here: -- that's really the main guidance that's offered about serving sizes and such.  

If you're very active, you may need more than the three recommended meals per day, and that is fine. Any time you eat, try to have a mix of protein, fat, and vegetables, or at least two of the three -- don't have fruit on its own between meals, as it can mess with blood sugar levels, and may leave you craving more sweet foods.

If you are preferring cooked vegetables to raw right now, that's fine. Many people find raw vegetables are harder to digest and cause some bloating and other digestive issues, so they focus on cooked more often anyway. if you feel like you want to include more raw ones, you can always include a few on the side of your meals along with your cooked vegetables.

For your sunflower oil, try to find a high oleic sunflower oil if you're not already, and it's okay to use olive oil or coconut oil too just for variety. There's a little bit of explanation of the high oleic thing in this article, about halfway down:, and there's a link there to other information. 

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