Surgery in 2 weeks (Nausea)

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What suggestions do you have for after surgery nausea help? 

The medical staff suggested Ginger Ale and Saltines.  Neither are Whole30 compliant.  I will be on day 17 on the day of my surgery and would like to remain compliant.  I am having abdominal and chest surgery and don't want to throw up, as it will be extremely painful.  I need to make sure whatever I am eating is very light.  I told her that I could have broth and tea and she said I would need something more than that; a solid as well.  Ideas for solids that are pretty bland and something comparable to Ginger ale that will sooth the tummy?


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Ginger tea, maybe? If you're used to drinking kombucha, maybe small amounts of it, but only if you're already used to it since sometimes there are people it really doesnt sit well for. I would have some kind of carbonated something on hand as well, something like sparkling water either flavored or not, whichever you prefer -- sometimes after a surgery you may feel like you need to belch, carbonated drinks, if your doctor or nurse says it's okay, can help with that.

Food wise, mashed potato or sweet potato. Grilled chicken or maybe chicken soup. Maybe scrambled eggs. Bananas or applesauce.

Also, I do understand wanting to stay compliant, but if for some reason you can't, do what you need to do. You can always come back to whole30 in the future.

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