Can I have Publix Frozen Fruit

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My Favorite go to frozen fruit (I use it as Ice in my lunch box and love the convienance and taste) is Publix mixed frozen fruit. The label says Strawberries, Peaches, Mango, Pineapple, Red Seedless Grapes, Malic Acid, Ascorbic Acid And Citric Acid (To Promote Color Retention), And Natural Flavors.   Do you see anything thing as a red flag ? 

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1 hour ago, LODIS' DAD said:

200 grams  is my standard  is that cool. 


Hi @LODIS' DAD - we don't do any sort of actual measuring. Fruit is recommended to be between 0-2 fist sized servings per day. Veggies need to be 3+ cups per meal. Use that as your determination. If you are eating so much fruit that you aren't hungry for the veggies, it's too much. :) 

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