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New and doing Whole30 in Mexico

Azul Marino

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I'm 49 years old, overweight ... I want to get to my 50th birthday in better shape:) 

I started my first Whole30, two days ago... but I just discovered that my raisins have sugar added :( 

Apart from this, the rules had not been a problem for me.  Although the recommendations had cost me a bit :D

Anyway, I'm happily restarting tomorrow.

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On 10/15/2018 at 7:58 AM, pags98 said:

Best of luck Azul!

I'm finishing (today is my Day 30 or 37 since my first try) :)
.... after my first learning week (I restarted three times in seven days), I've followed the rules (100%)... and some recomendations (40%) 
I realize now the purpose of the recomendations... through this process it has been natural to me eat less fruit, smaller portions of food (at the beginning I was eating a lot of everything)... less meals... I can't believe how little I need to have steady energy (no lows and highs), no hunger and a nice peaceful relation with the food.

Now I feel a little nervous about the reintroduction

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