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Any Non fish eaters in this group?


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.My desire to do this right and eat well overcame my desire to enjoy my meal 100% today.

I pretty much dislike fish..doesn't matter how it's cooked.. I have tried every way imagineable over the years. I will never totally enjoy it.i. but I think I found way to manage to get it down the hatch for me. Thought maybe there are some others out there with this same issue? ( I can't be this unique right?) Here is what I did.

Canned salmon (with no other crap in it)


Artichoke hearts

shredded raw red cabbage

organic spring greens

Oilve oil, red wine vinegar, lemon juice (dressing)


Turns out, I can only focus on the heat building in my mouth and can't really taste too much of the fish, or atleast not enough to bother me. I could even go as far as saying it is almost tasty. :) The only thing I would change was the dressing.

Anyone have any ideas on improving this?It was kind of boring.

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