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Mast Cell Activation-how to NOT lose weight?


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Although I eat quit healthy, somehow some not-so-healthy foods snuck back into my diet.  I was told I had cancer for about 8 months, just found out  recently it was only some nodules that were from an allergy.  Thank God!!!  But had quit sugar and fruit in those 8. months without adding much fat, and accidentally put myself into some type of ketosis.  It was AWFUL.  Kidneys struggled and I lost another 14 pounds on my already small frame and lots of hair.  Can't get the weight back and don't want to lose anymore weight but want to feel healthier. That's always a big challenge with mast cell activation.  I'm on my 13th year of MCAS.  It changed my life overnight and I was 75-80 bed bound for about 6-7 years and couldn't drive from autonomic seizures.  I considered myself a very healthy eater before, but didn't realize high histamine foods, of nuts, eggs,  fish, some veggies and dairy I was eating was making me sick.  I got very strict with low histamine foods and started mast cell medication, I'm doing much better, not fantastic but much better.  Is there any advice on how to NOT lose weight?  My main vice is frozen yogurt, (can only handle one brand) and I love gluten free toast and realized I let too much rice into my diet since going gluten free years ago. I can't eat a lot of foods, so I overdo the bad ones.  Also, the only fat I can really handle is olive oil, chia oil and my homemade ghee.  Recently became allergic to avocado and coconut anything, my favorite foods.  So sad.  Boohoo. :)

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